Nitaibhakti 15 Video FAQ

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Nitaibhakti 15 Video FAQ

15 burning questions answered from the shastra about Nitaibhakti by Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj. A must-watch to solidify and share the foundation of your Nitaibhakti

0:24 ⬤ 1. Vrindavan Das’s Order

5:24 ⬤ 2. Love Nitai to Love Gaura

10:24 ⬤ 3. Gaura: Do Bhakti of Nitai’s Kaupin

15:24 ⬤ 4. Nitai Orders His Own Bhakti

20:24 ⬤ 5. Nitai IS Ananga Manjari

25:24 ⬤ 6. Gaura: Worship Nitai as God

29:14 ⬤ 7. Many Acharyas Did Nitaibhakti

34:14 ⬤ 8. Gaura is the Lord of my Lord Nitai

39:14 ⬤ 9. Guru Bhakti is Nitaibhakti?

44:14 ⬤ 10. Diksha Mantras are Enough So No Nitainam?

49:14 ⬤ 11. No Need of Nitai as I am not in Ananga’s Camp?

54:14 ⬤ 12. Nityananda Charitamrita Bonafide?

59:14 ⬤ 13. Is Pancha Tattva Mantra Enough?

1:04:14 ⬤ 14. Nitainam Only As Pancha Tattva Mantra?

1:09:14 ⬤ 15. Harinam is Enough, So No Nitainam?

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14 thoughts on “Nitaibhakti 15 Video FAQ

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  1. All videos are proper and enough words for the praise of all these superduper videos..I feel only because we have holded firmly the lotus feet of Nitai till now even after facing many many cyclons of opposition we have become eligible n fortunate to know n to relish more n more deeper n topmost secrets about Nitaibhakti…Feeling somuch bliss and positivit y while hearing these wonderful glories.Aapki jai dao..jai dao..jai dao..

    • Thank you sooooo much. You are a true Nitaibhakta who always feels bliss when Nitaibhakti is emphatically established.

  2. These videos are soo nice shrila gurudev… no words to express how beautifully you have glorified nitai naam and nitai bhakti.. by watching such videos our faith in nitai nam increases. 🙏 all glories to Shrila Gurudev. we are so fortunate to know such deep secret. i liked the point in one video that if we would have rejected Gauranga mahaprabhu then y we will follow his instruction to worship nitaai. 🙏

  3. Thanks a lot Srila Gurudev for sharing these nectarean videos ..All glories to Shri Guru parampara.. Joy Joy Nitai 🙏

  4. Waaaaahh… jay jay jayyyy… beautiful lecture in the beautiful morning.. 👌👌👌.. Je tahara priti kare se kare amaare.. waaaaah… no words for such beautiful verses.. thankyou so much Shrila Gurudev for taking so much pain to share this beautiful nectar.. only you can find such hidden treasures from the scriptures… All glories to you.. feeling so blissful ☺️☺️☺️🙏🙏🙏 Audio quality is tooooo good 👌👌👌 Jai nitai dandvata pranaam Shrila Gurudeva and all Nitaibhaktas 🙏🙏

  5. Thank you so much for sending this file combined.. Was just wondering yesterday as I was listening to the videos that if I could get them combined and listen again again to get staunch faith in Nitaibhakti and clear the things from all the angles. Thank you so much for such a nectarian katha. They are really the burning questing for all

  6. Mind blowing…Joy Joy Nitai..A very strong and very effective weapon to defeat immediately to those who don’t accept worship of Doyal Nitai n keep asking referances from shashtra n also for those who have doubts in the sefrealsied vani of HHBRS Nitaipreshthji..

  7. Very important realization dear Gurudev. Katha is equally potent. I feel transferred to the dhams when listening to dear Gurudev kathas in Radhakunda and Ekachakra.

    I felt like sitting at the lotus feet of Srila Locana Das Thakura while relishing Gurudev’s katha on Nitai mora jivana dhana.

    Just like Prabhupada said that He will live eternally in His books 🙏🙏

    • I also feel the same..when i hear Gurudeva live in katha feel like i m sitting in the Dhaam having bright effulgence..Gurudeva’s memory for quoting diff.quotes and statements of previous acharyas is amazing… incredible..Without empowerment by divine superpower how such inconcievable performance and personality is possible !!All glories to Shrila Gurudeva..Jai Guru Parampara..

  8. Agree with you 💯

    Dear Gurudev presents the essence of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in his kathas in such a lucid manner.

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