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⬤ There are 330 million demigods. We can’t worship all of them. We don’t know whom to worship. Worshiping one may displease the other. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is Lord Krishna. He is the origin of all the demigods. He expects the topmost standard of purity. He may not accept us due to our offenses. He may test us for billions of lives before giving us His pure love. He may not accept us until we are 100% surrendered. That may take millions upon millions of lives (koti koti varshe kari shri krishna bhajana… NDM).

⬤ This leaves us with no other option but to approach Doyal Nitai. If we want to be fully delivered in this life, that is! Otherwise you can approach anyone you like. Nitai does not see even our most abominable offenses. He ignores how fallen we are. Because He is always overwhelmed with pure bliss and blinded by love and compassion. He has no external awareness to discriminate between the fallen and the advanced. He completely overlooks all our offenses in the past, present, and future. That includes even the most heinous offense of criticising devotees. There is no Personality of Godhead as liberal, forgiving, and benevolent as Him.

⬤ It may be the greatest blunder of our lives not to worship Nitai one-pointedly. We may have to be reborn millions of times in this material world due to this mistake. Neglecting Nitai will be the costliest impropriety we have ever committed. Especially after we come to know about His unparalleled merciful nature from our Bhakti philosophy. Knowing and yet not accepting is a bigger crime than not knowing at all. It will literally cost us our freedom from this material world.


⬤ Considering this matchless nature of Nitai’s causeless mercy, which is our only hope to attain Gaura Radha Krishna, how can we think of any other thing first? Our only goal should be to first get Nitai’s mercy somehow. Nothing else. Keep it simple and one-pointed, and then we will get everyone and everything else automatically. If we don’t please Nitai, there is no hope for us, because we are constantly enveloped in our sins in Kali-yuga.

⬤ A Nitaibhakta is very intelligent and smart to focus on Nitaibhakti. Every single second we spend thinking of other matters, we lose valuable time in focusing only on Doyal Nitai. And trust me, time is quickly running out for each and everyone of us!

⬤ Every day just think of Nitai. Constantly do that sadhana which helps you remember Nitai and never forget Him. All other forms of worship to Gaura Radha Krishna and the Acharyas are automatically accomplished by Nitaibhakti. Why will Nitai make it His personal responsibility to take us to Gaura Radha Krishna in this life, even in this sinful condition of ours, if we don’t give Him full responsibility for our lives? Isn’t this common sense? And if He does not accept this responsibility, then no one else will. Mark my words, no one else will, due to our abominable state!

krishna balarama

⬤ Nitaibhakti is the way to factually understand Gaura Radha Krishna in truth. Don’t jump over Nitai’s head to go to Them. You will be left with nothing. Nada, nothing at all. Truth be told, Gaura Radha Krishna Themselves do not accept the worship of those who come directly to Them. In fact, They consider such persons as childish and ignorant for trying to bypass Nitai.

⬤ This is because Nitai has been given to us by Gaura Radha Krishna Themselves, so that we can become qualified to approach Them. He is the only original authorized keeper of Their love and holy names. Always remember that Nitai is the greatest servitor, representative, and devotee of Gaura Radha Krishna in the whole creation. At the same time, He is also the Personality of Godhead Himself (Avatari) according to Caitanya-caritamrita, fully non-different from Gaura Krishna Himself. If Gauranga Krishna Himself serves Nitai Balaram’s lotus feet, then who are we to challenge, reject, or doubt Nitaibhakti?

krishna serves balarama

⬤ Being an avadhuta, Nitai does not follow the normal way by which Krishna reciprocates with the soul. Krishna responds only to the extent the soul surrenders to Him. But Nitai is His fully independent big brother, who can do whatever He pleases, just like Krishna can. Nitai searches out and forces His mercy on antagonists, atheists, non-believers, or offenders. But that does not mean that He is not pleased more by those who take His exclusive shelter to attain Gaura Radha Krishna. He is not a robot. He is also a person with feelings of partial love for His one-pointed devotees. He surely feels more obliged to quickly grant Gaura Radha Krishna to His own surrendered devotees.

⬤ And exactly that is our only hope. That is our only chance. We have to touch Nitai’s heart by selling our heads exclusively to His lotus feet. Only then we will effortlessly find ourselves in the eternal pastimes of Nitai Gaura and Radha Krishna in a very short time. Only Nitai can bring us to Them, because Their pastimes in all rasas is where Nitai lives and plays constantly. Nitai is the very Dham on which Gaur Radha Krishna enact Their pastimes. First we have to touch, see, and please the Dham (Nitai), then we can touch, see, and please Gaur Radha Krishna. So please do not take the longer paths of uncertainty anymore. Don’t choose willingly to wait for trillions of lives more after coming to Bhakti. Please be smart (sumedhasam). Take up Nitaibhakti without hesitation! And all of us will certainly meet in the eternal pastimes of both Nitai Gaura and Radha Krishna after this very life, due to our Nitaibhakti.

⬤ Some people want to remain balanced and worship everyone. Or they want to only worship a particular form of God because that God is more famous, popular, and worshiped by the majority, like Lord Krishna. That is not in full harmony with the direct wishes of God Himself because He says that worship of My devotees is higher than My worship. Some think that Nitaibhakti is fanaticism. My question to them is: Why do students study and focus only the ninth grade syllabus when they are in the ninth class? Why don’t they study the tenth one too? Is it fanaticism to only focus on the ninth syllabus?

⬤ The answer is simple. They can never understand the tenth grade syllabus until they fully assimilate the ninth standard syllabus. Why are these grade classes structured at all if everyone can simply jump to studying anything they want? Wouldn’t it be unreasonable to say that focusing on the studies of only the ninth grade syllabus is fanaticism? In fact, it is real intelligence, because it is the only way to go to the tenth grade. It also means that one is not artificially claiming oneself to be qualified for the tenth grade. One is honestly accepting one’s position without duplicity.

⬤ Therefore, I want to humbly request you to take my words seriously. Please don’t jump over Nitai. Surrender to Nitai completely and wait for His mercy. It will come in the shortest time, like none other. Do not be impatient. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Gaura Radha Krishna may not be willing to accept you directly because you may not be qualified to approach Them without Nitai’s recommendation. And if They don’t accept you, there is no hope of attaining Them quickly. So go through the proper channel. That is Nitai’s mercy channel. And you will be accepted without doubt. Even if you go blindfolded! Even if you are most degraded like Jagai Madhai were!

⬤ Think, hear, talk, see, do, eat, sleep, sit, and walk Nitai to get Harinam-ruchi. That is our salvation. Devotees feel “good” directly after worshiping, talking, and hearing about Gaura Radha Krishna, and say that they don’t need to do Nitaibhakti because they “feel” that they have become so “advanced”. Unfortunately, this is only in their mind. It is only an illusory phantasmagoria created by Maya to keep them away from Nitaibhakti, so that they may not be able truly attain Gaura Radha Krishna for many many more lives.

⬤ The plenary expansion Lord Anantadeva could not see Radha Krishna after worshiping Them in Vraja for 8.64 billion years. Then how do we stand even an iota of a chance without Nitaibhakti? Just like millions of streams of Radha Krishna lila emanate from Gauranga Lila, similarly millions of streams of both Gauranga Lila and Radha Krishna Lila emanate from Nitai Lila. So just by making the hearing and singing Nitai Lila your life and so, you will automatically enter into Gaura Radha Krishna Lila very soon without any extra effort.

⬤ Bypassing Nitaibhakti is Maryada Langhana. Gaura Radha Krishna may never accept such a devotee as They repeatedly state that Their direct devotee is not Their devotee at all, and that the worship of Their devotee is higher than Their worship. They loudly declare, “Only the devotee of our devotee (Nitai) is our topmost devotee. We will never leave him or her.” Believe in these words of Gaura Radha Krishna and drown yourself fully in Nitaibhakti first.

⬤ Be prudent and patient. When the time is right and after Nitai has made us qualified by His causeless mercy, He Himself will present us to Gaura Radha Krishna. Just like He instructed Jiva Goswami to go to Rupa and Sanatana after Navadvipa Dham parikrama. Just like he blessed Raghunath das Goswami in Panihati to go to Lord Gauranga in Puri. At that time, Gaura Radha Krishna will truly accept us in Their inner circle without hesitation, because we have come due to Nitai’s recommendation. Just hold on to Nitai’s lotus feet exclusively until then, not worrying or caring about anyone else. This is real Bhakti. To not put oneself artificially on a pedestal on which one is not. And this is the mood of Srila Vrindavan das Thakur in Chaitanya Bhagavata.

nitai and jiva

⬤ Nitai is verily the personification of Harinam Prabhu (sarva-mantra-svarupa), so He includes all rasas. Nitai Himself strung the necklace of pure Harinam and unconditionally awarded it to even the most wretched souls (nitai ki nam enechi re, harinamera mala ganthi dila jaga jane, patiyache nama-hatta jvera karana). Scriptures state that even those souls who may chant millions of Hare Krishna Mahamantras may not get offenseless taste for Harinam in millions of lifetimes, due to the consideration of ten offenses by Harinam, which have no atonement in Kaliyuga.

⬤ Hence, Harinam ruchi, rasa, and prema can only be realised through Nitaibhakti in Kali Yuga. It is one of the most powerful means to make Harinam truly and quickly offenseless. What to speak of 16 rounds, even chanting 64 rounds daily is not a guarantee to prema. Because the ten all-pervading offenses in Harinam are still in play. Only Nitaibhakti destroys the ten offenses from their very roots. This is because Nitai Gunjan and Nitai Lila Kirtan are truly offenseless even when taken by the offensive souls.

⬤ Therefore, the essence is to to focus on Nitai. Then Nitai will be pleased with you and grant you Gaura Radha Krishna. Don’t divide your attention into many branches by doing this and that. Hold on tightly to Nitai’s blue dhoti in your mind day and night by Nitai Gunjan, Nitai Lila Kirtan, and/or Nitai Lekhan. Show it to Him that you know it is only Him who will take you to Gaura Radha Krishna with full certainty. Prove your loyalty to Him by Nitaibhakti. Only then you can be finally relieved without any doubt that this will be your last birth in this material world.

⬤ Connect every activity in Krishna Bhakti with Nitai to make it offenseless. Therefore, Nitaibhakti is the topmost form of Krishna Bhakti. Nitaibhakti can be performed through the 5 principal practices of Harinam Japa & Kirtan, Nitai Gunjan, Nitai Lila Kirtan, Nitai Lekhan, and Gauranam Kirtan. And other secondary practices like Nitaibhakta Sanga, Ekachakra Yatra, Doyal Nitai Deity Worship, etc. to attain instant siddhi in the Hare Krishna maha mantra and Gaura Radha Krishna prema. हरे कृष्ण. जय निताइ. Jai Guruvarga.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. Revolutionary Article! A must read for all devotees who want to factually attain Radha Krishna and become free from clutches of maya.

  2. As Nitai is sandhini shakti he becomes the couch,dham,other paraphernalia of Bhagavan.
    Similarly the Nitai mantra acts an ornament (it decorates) the chanting of Harinam, whose beauty, sweetness is already unparalleled!

    Conclusion :
    Those who want to behold the form of Bhagavan without any ornamental beauty can chant only Harinam
    But those who want to behold the Lord in full splendour with all paraphernalia and ornaments have to take refuge in Nitainam in addition to Harinam.

  3. As i’m getting “older” – by Srila Prabhupad’s and Maharaj’s mercy i am wanting to make this my last life in this miserable place, so I’ll give it a good shot. Perhaps there is something I should be doing more of – as you all are – but I want to remember Nitai when I’m on the deathbed “like the log or stone – helpless”, and I know when i do Nitainam gunjan my mind fixes on Nitainam easily , and I constantly am begging Him to let me love Him, and engage me in His transcendental loving service, so the more I do it, it seems, the stronger is my remembrance of Him, although I am not “seeing” any lilas etc

  4. The only qualification required for Nitaibhakti is to actually do it. Maya tries her best to stop us from doing it (more).

    • How many insults Nitai has tolerated for us and from us as our Supersoul for time immemorial? So we should be ready to even die for giving His Nam and Lila if needed and start again in another universe.

    • Even He forgets His true ego of being Bhagvan..He forgot His Bhagvatta..Yes Gurudeva ..We should b very bold in telling the truth to the world..Heno Nitai bine bhai RadhaKrishna paayte naay. All glories to all mahabhagyavan Nitaibhaktas

    • Exactly, Nitai does not even care if He is God or not if He can’t deliver us, His children. That is the level of His concern for each and every soul. He is ready to be insulted millions of times just for our sake.

  5. Jai Nityananda-Gauranga! I am an aspiring Devotee living in the Untied States. I have been trying very hard to find You Maharaj, for over a week now. A little over a year ago was the first time I read something you wrote about the mercy of Nitai Nam. Since that time it has never left me, and enkinled a fire of love in my heart for Lord Nityananda. In this last week I have been trying to find a way to contact you, and continued to come up only with some out of date information. Finally I found this sight from an YouTube video by a wonderful Devotee Nitia Sevaki Dasi. I sent an email to you via the address I found on here. However I’m not sure if it went through, as my outbox still shows it in the process of sending. Please tell me some way I can communicate with you. I have been searching and praying to Nita Gaura for a long time to help me find my spiritual maste and I continually find myself attracted back to your words. I have a deep desire to love Their Lordships more and more. I am most certainly a fallen soul of this age of Kali but I hope with all my heart that Lord Nitai will raise me up to His Lotus Feet and send me the spiritual master I can serve eternally to begin on this road of Krishna Prema. Please give me your mercy and speak with me.

  6. Practically my own experience, I lost the taste in chanting the Mahamantra before coming to Nitai nam although I was making all efforts to reach one Lakh holynames daily and trying to get some taste. It was a futile attempt until I was able to get Nitaibhakti by the causeless mercy of Gurudeva.

  7. As written in the shlok14 of first chapter of first sandh of SRimad Bhagvat,”the souls who are trapped in the net of birth and death if even chant Krishna naam unattentively get freed from it because even ‘fear’ is afraid of this Krishna naam !”
    What you say Maharaj for this ? But Krishna considers offences !

    • But it is not said when they will be freed. Even quickly may mean millions of lives more as explained in Cc. That is explained by our Acharyas in further depth. Krishnanam has many different types of Namabhasa, Namapradhas, and Namavichars. It is a very complex subject matter. So only Nitainam and Nitailila can guarantee pure love in this life or at the end of this life latest. Besides SB glorifies Namtattva for all times. In the 11th and 12th canto, SB described about Kaliyuga and then it is mentioned that the Kaliyuga incarnation is the only way.

  8. We can’t repay 1% of all He has done for us. Looking back I had a few narrow escapes and near death experiences. With the grace of dear Gurudev I have realized that it was only Doyal Nitai who was with me all along and saved me. By your divine desire and by the sincere, serious and loving efforts of most enthusiastic fully dedicated Nitai devotees surely spiritual revolution will be seen shortly in this world ..Surely they are capable of awarding Nitai to the whole miserable world ..joy Nitai!

    • Yes same with me too. Nitai has saved me millions of times in this birth itself but I had taken it for granted.
      jiska koi nahi uske Nitai hain. And they still want us to be balanced and not be Nitai fanatics. How is that possible after knowing about everything which Nitai is doing for us? Hahaha

  9. This unique quality of Doyal Nitai touches the heart very deeply..brings tears..papaioka bhi koi Bhagvan hei.. this melts stonelike heart of even most sinful like me..jai Jai Doyal Nitai. Yes now closed , most confidential n concealed truth about Nitai is mercifully opened up by you…kaun abhaga thukrayega abhi ??

    • I wish all the souls were like you, then Nitai would be revealed fully.

  10. Nitai! So amazing! The rebelling souls came to the material world and Nitai accompanied! Thank you for all the amazing, never-heard before Nitaimoy realizations from your 46 years of bhajan.

    • The beauty is Nitai’s position is so high, the topmost in the heirarchy, but still He is directly approachable by every soul, because He has been with every soul at every second for time immemorial. Krishna does not allow the nitya-baddha souls to enter the spiritual world so Nitai decided that instead of the soul becoming fully abondoned, He will personally accompany the soul in this material world for as long as it takes till the soul can enter the spiritual world. So Krishna is really proud of His brother Nitai for being more compassionate than Him. निताइ.

  11. Maharaj please accept my obeisances at your feet. So actually – Gurudev – who is jiva tattva – can give Prema Bhakti to disciples only if empowered by Nitai to do so – just like Nitai’s associates they are jiva tattva but they gave Prema Bhakti to conditioned souls because they were empowered by Lord Nitai. Because Gurudev is a surrendered soul to Nitai, Nitai utilizes Gurudev for His purposes. As there can be many Gurudevs, being utilized by Nitai,, there can be many aspects of the absolute truth being revealed by Nitai through the surrendered jiva Gurudevs, and each Gurudev may be presenting different tattva according to the will of Nitai?

    • Yes dear prabhuji, the empowered associates of Nitai give His mercy unconditionally, but the way Nitai personally made children mad in love without eating for 30 days and uproot whole trees with their bare hands, jump like Hanuman in extreme bliss, etc., have you heard ever of even the topmost Gurus being able to give that kind of instant topmost love and mercy to so many souls at one time? That is the difference between the origin of all Vishnu Tattva and the empowered Jiva Tattvas.

  12. No, Maharaj – only Nitai has done that – no Gurudev I have heard about has ever done what Nitai did

    • Exactly dear prabhji, so Guru Bhakti should never be used an excuse or garb to avoid or reject Nitaibhakti. Those who do it are the greatest losers, even though they are so close to the ultimate truth about Doyal Nitai due to being Gaudiyas!

  13. One of the devotees have asked: What about nama aparadha, nama abhas and suddha nam in Nitainam?

    • That is the beauty of Nitainam. It is always Shuddha Nam even if chanted by offensive souls as Nitai never ever considers any offenses. (Cc: nahi esaba vichar). So there is no Namaparadha or Namabhasa at all in Nitainam. Rejoice! Achandale dena Nam Nitai doyamoy!!! हरे कृष्ण. जय निताइ. Jai Guruvarga.

  14. So so crystal clear article by Gurudev. If this is followed by every jiva then there is no dukh in this sansar left. I wish these points spread like wild fire all over the world.. Joy Nita

  15. Totally speechless after reading this article dear Gurudev! It’s a masterpiece and an eye opener for exclusive Nitai bhakti. All glories to you

  16. What an auspicious day!!! divine article dear Gurudev. Nitai sanga is the best place in the creation. Virtual Ekachakra dham

  17. What an comprehensive, grave, cutting, no hold barred, razor sharp, to the point and concise message.

    This is one of those message that awoke me again from my slumber.

    Thank you very much

  18. Nitaaai! Thank you for the article about the paramount importance of Nitai bhakti as the only fastest way! Dandvat pranams.

  19. Jai ho…Thank U dear Gurudeva to make us more clear through Ur topmost realisation.. U r mercifully clearing all the doubts!!This most potent article touches the heart deeply!! After knowing this truth we can understand the heights of fortune to those who possesses 100% faith in Ur guidelines!!Whatever U r revealing seems perfect absolute truth without any doubt!!All glories to U !!Joy Nitai!! “…..You will thank me later when we meet in the eternal pastimes due to Nitaibhakti…”

    This line speaks many things n touches the heart deeply..

  20. What a class piece of writing dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva. You have honestly put your heart in it. What more you can say to proclaim the prime urgency and need to take up Nitaibhakti NOW at this very moment. All Glories to Nitaibhakti! All glories to you dear Gurudeva

  21. Joy Nitai! This truth says everything about Nitai-

    “This is because Nitai has been given to us by Them only, to make us qualified to approach Them. He is the only original authorized keeper of Their love.”

    So, Radha and Krishna and Gauranga have Themselves specially manifested The personality of Nitai for the most fallen souls like us.

  22. Sadhu, your explanation is so clear and straight to the point. Your words are like an arrow to my heart! Nitai is the only way out of this material world. Thank you for your profound lecture.

  23. Dandvat pranam Gurudev.. Joy Nitai.. This article is a eye opener for the ppl of kaliyuga who worship devtas or devis to fulfill their desire. Nitai bhakti is the easiest way to attain the topmost planet of Goloka. People who are devoid of this knowledge are unfortunate ..and one who knowingly does not practise is even more unfortunate. As it’s said 100 lives of Radha Krishna bhakti gives Hair and after many lifetimes of Gaur bhakti he gives Nitai such rare bhakti.. and one who directly gets this knowledge or Kripa siddhi through any medium should take full advantage its like a lottery ticket to Goloka.

  24. You have really given your heart in this article dear Gurudeva. Thankyou so much for mercifully inspiring us to engage ourself completely in Nitaibhakti.. Thankyou so much for this eye opening article.. it was really needed for suffering souls like me.. Truly Nitai is our only hope.. Doyal Nitai chand ki jay!!

  25. A Revolutionary Article dearest Shrila Gurudev. Truly amazing…Nitai doya hi kevalam. Hari Hari. Thankyou for writing this one.

  26. You have given the essence in very simple words, it shows how serious we should be for Nitai bhakti first and then Nitai himself will take us to Gaur Radha Krishna.

  27. Ohh Nitai Who can clarify your benevolence and significance in such simple and touching way,by this perfect work of art gem.🙌💍👑
    Gurudev put His heart out, to make others heart acknowledge,💛💙💛 Nitaiitai bhakti without any doubt. Anybody doing Nitaibhakti-Nitai mercy will fall at full pace, this is what fully realized Sadhu Maharaja Gurudev says…🙏🙏

    Jaya Jaya Shrila Gurudeva!!!!!!!!!🙌
    Jaya Jaya Nitai!!!!!!🙌

  28. Joy Nitai.. Dandvat pranam dear Gurudev..you have put it so simply just focus everyday one day at a time. Every word of your post is worthful all glories to most merciful process of Nitaivayulekhan… it’s so important to remember lord somehow while performing our material obligations.. Joy Guruparampara

  29. Thank you Shrila Gurudeva for this valuable instruction. You are really our true parents and guardian who always takes care of the spritual life and always prevent us from the continuous fall downs. All glories to you

  30. Very well put. No matter how crazy a day I have at work; the moment I start doing Nitainam Gunjan and listen to Gurudev’s katha; the worries just vanish away; as if they never existed in the first place.

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