Nitainam is Manjari Prema

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⬤ “If one wants Manjari-prema and Harinam-siddhi in Manjari-prema, which even Gaura Krishna does not give directly, one has to take full shelter of ONLY NITAI in the form of Nitainam and Nitailila.” ⬤

🍀 They asked me, “Show me one direct shastra proof that Nitai and Nitainam ARE actually Ananga Manjari and thus contain Manjari-prema. Otherwise, they said, accept right now that Nitai can only send us to Radha, but He Himself is directly not in Radha-dasyam, just like Balaram is not. Just accept that Nitainam can only purify and prepare us for Radha-dasyam, but has no Manjari-prema directly and independently in it. Also, accept that Jahnava is Ananga manjari, not Nitai or Nitainam.”

⬤ This proof you challenge us about that actually Nitai is Ananga manjari in there in Shri Chaitanya Bhagavata 2.12.26 Anubhashya commentary of my parama-gurudeva Nayana-mani manjari Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada, where he clearly confirms:


“sri nityananda prabhu (Nitai) sri varshabhanavira (as Radharani’s) anujaa-rupe (sister) madhura (madhurya) ratira (rasa) poshana (nourishes) karena. ei janya (that is why) sri thakur narottama balena (declares),—‘hena nitai vine (without Nitai) bhai (o brother), radhakrishna paite (will attain) nai (no one), dridha (tightly) kari dhara (hold) nitaiera (Nitai’s) paya (lotus feet)’”

⬤ “In HIS FORM as the younger sister of Sri Radharani, Sri Nityananda Prabhu Himself nourishes conjugal mellows personally. That is why Sri Thakura Narottama has said: ‘heno nitai vine bhai, radha-krsna paite nai, drdha kari’ dhara nitaira paya’.”


⬤ This proof confirms and solidifies Srila Vrindavan das Thakur’s direct statement that Nitai constantly serves Radha as Ananga manjari: “Radhara madhuri Ananga manjari, Nitai nitu se seve”.

⬤ Some others falsely argue that Ananga manjari is the 9th sakhi, not exactly a manjari. So they wrongly claim that Nitai and Nitainam contain only sakhi-bhava, not manjari-bhava. But Ananga’s eternal age is 13 like the other manjaris, not 14+ like the sakhis. Besides Her name is manjari not sakhi. Doesn’t that make it very obvious that she is a manjari not a sakhi?

⬤ And if that is not enough, Kamala manjari Srila Bhaktivinoda clearly describes in Siddhi Lalasa and Navadvipa Bhava Taranga how Ananga manjari is always with Rupa manjari, not directly with the 8 sakhis. This establishes that Ananga is not a sakhi but actually a manjari in Lalita’s camp, the number 2 manjari after Rupa, the number 1 merciful manjari among all the manjaris, and the only way for any soul in any sakhis camp to get manjari-prema.

⬤ Ananga has the 9th kunja in the center of Radha Kund, not because She is a sakhi like the 8 sakhis who have their kunjas around Radha Kund, but because of Her special position as the younger sister of Radha and specifically because her kunja in the center facilitates the various sevas of the manjaris to Radha Krishna and Their ashtasakhis during the jala-krida madhyana pastimes. Thus, there remains no doubt whatsoever that Nitai, Nitainam, Nitailila and Nitaidham contain the topmost and rarest Manjari-prema Themselves, not just award it.

⬤ Now you should understand why Nitai has the mahabhava manjari-prema golden complexion of Ananga, not the white complexion of Balaram. And now it is you who should accept that this is exactly why Nitai marrying both Jahnava and Vasudha, who are also Ananga manjari (GGD 66), is not just a convenient coincidence but an union of the highest manjari-rasa. Thus it proves beyond all doubt that the sound and syllables of Nitainam contain and reveal Ananga‘s kunja and our Manjari-seva in Radha Kund which is the topmost of all rasas and svarups in creation, and that I am not hallucinating or speculating about it.

⬤ Nowhere in the scriptures has even Lord Balaram Himself been linked to Ananga Manjari, what to speak of His Dwaraka consort Revati? Ananga is in Radha Krishna’s camp, not in the camp of Balaram’s Gopis headed by Purnananda Gopi. So how can the question of Revati expanding as Ananga Manjari even exist, because it won’t be fully siddhantically accurate to say that even Balaram expands as Ananga Manjari, because it is specifically only Nitai who is Ananga Manjari.

⬤ Besides, how can an associate of Dwaraka (Revati) expand as an associate in Vraja (Ananga) when Vraja is actually the origin of Dwaraka. We all know that Radha from Vraja becomes Satyabhama and Chandravali expands as Rukmini in Dwaraka Lila. So how can it happen the exact opposite in Revati’s case? Where is the shastra praman for this statement?

⬤ Next it can be claimed that Ananga Manjari was a consort of Lord Balaram too using the A=B, B=C, so A=C logic, but that would also be totally wrong as Balaram does not directly become intimate with Radha or any of Radha’s sakhis, what to speak of Her private manjaris and younger sister like Ananga Manjari.

⬤ It is Nitai and His two shaktis Jahnava and Vasudha who are Ananga Manjari. Srila Shridhar Maharaj said that in Gaura Lila, Nitai attained an even higher and most special Rasa than Balaram, in the form of Ananga Manjari.

Nitai is Ananga

Nitai Is Ananga

Nitai IS Ananga Manjari. (SVDT: Radhara Madhuri Ananga Manjari, Nitai Nitu Se Seve)

⬤ Finally, after so many years, I feel a tiny drop of satisfaction with this offering to Nitai-pada-kamala, that I have undisputably established that Manjari Prema, the topmost attainment of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and topmost achievement in the whole creation, aspired for by even Lord Gaura Krishna Himself, is not just awarded by Nitainam and Nitailila but also preent in Them! So our Nitainam and Nitailila for Harinam-siddhi offering is not some incomplete offering dependant on other practices, but the ultimate secret of all secrets!


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. Dandvat Pranams Joy Nitai Hare Krishna. We are very fortunate to be the ones with whom you share your realisations. Nitai chose you for the same. It’s between you and Him which is very sweet. In the same sweetness you can omit “them” or “they” who doubt your realisations. Actually they really don’t matter and if at all they do they are helping those who get similar doubts. We / I have none.

  2. Joy Nitai!!!! Jay Krishna Janmashtami!!!! Jay Guruvarga!!!!! Nitainam Gunjan has made me addictive to it. The very first thing after taking bath in the morning is Nitai-Gunjan. I do it without fail. And if someday I don’t, I compensate for it the very next day. That reverberating, creation purifying Nitai sound makes my whole body very light. I can literally feel lust, anger, jealousy etc moving out of my mouth and Nitai sound entering in ears. Nitai sound creates a magnetic field around you like there is one around the earth protecting it from UV rays. This Janmashtami will do more Nitainam Gunjan as service to Lord Krishna. Joy Nitai!!!!

    • Wow is wow dear Krishna-kund das. The way you express what you have experienced is mind-boggling. Extremely inspiring!

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