Nitai Arti Realizations

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🍁 ⬤ Yesterday night, we had a long farewell Kirtan for 2-3 hours for our dear Nimai das, who stayed with us for 3 weeks and did his most important writing Seva every day without fail. I got so absorbed in singing each line of the Nitai Arti again and again till I could squeeze every drop of remembrance from each of them. Even after hours, I was not satisfied and wanted to sing those Nitai-rupa-dhyan lines of Nitai Arti over and over again.

jahnava vasudha nitai

⬤ Then, I sang different combinations of each line of Nitai Arti to relish each word even more. You can ask our Nimai das, Bharatishvari dasi, and Hari das how blissful it was! Hari das was smiling time and again when some divine mood arose in the Kirtan. One of the best Kirtans ever, due to this reverb-bass speaker and binaural mic! Unfortunately could not record. Will try to setup Live Youtube broadcasts for these daily Kirtans, which we will be having regularly now. With this awesome speaker, now we feel to sing and hear Kirtan all day. And finally I will be able to give the topmost quality sound vibrations to all those who visit me personally, by ensuring that I get totally absorbed the most in it first.

⬤ After the longest Arti ever, we sang Harinam, Nitainam, Gauranam, Radhanam, etc. in different slow and fast tunes. Thanks to our Hari das for playing the mridanga so expertly. I went into an exotic trance of extreme remembrance. I experienced that Nitai Gaura have come, and are hearing it.

⬤ Then at the end, I artistically recited the verses on the glory of Sankirtan. Even I was astonished at how deep I went in those verses simply due to the rich live Garageband reverb-bass sound of this new small portable speaker. So many meanings manifested before me in yesterday’s Sankirtan. It is simple indescribable! Thank you dear Nimai das for all that you do for us and for leaving with this best parting gift of Kirtan-rasa.

🍁 In Kirtan, you feel the Lord has come. In all other practices, you call the Lord to come.

🍁 ⬤ Sleep and Seva both start with a “S”. So getting deep refreshing sleep in the night is our very FIRST SEVA as it is very CRITICAL to do any kind of effective seva next day, otherwise we end up doing seva half-heartedly at not even 1% of our actual potential. Kirtan, japa, gunjan, lekhan, shravan, smaran, etc. can blissfully be performed even with less sleep as They are transcendental, but even they are enhanced by sound sleep, especially Lekhan since it involves mental visualization. I remember how in my early days in the temple, lack of sound sleep on some days would induce me to walk and chant and had to focus more on remembering the Lila in the Nam.

⬤ Seva is however a practical activity so it is completely dependant on how much time we entered into deep sleep in the night, which in turn we come to know by how much groggy we feel as soon as we wake up. Deep sleepers have been much more successful external achievers in this world than shallow sleepers. Deep sleep gives a completely new perspective, optimism, and direction to life on the next day, which would never have been possible by a lack of sound sleep. Those who don’t get sound sleep in the night don’t feel like doing anything new or innovative the next day, and don’t have the courage to even try it if others tell them to do it. They only manage to drag on and somehow complete their assigned sevas, duties, or tasks, as they can’t escape those even if they wanted to.

⬤ Havenʼt you all noticed this fact?

🍁 The more causelessly merciful the Lord is, the bigger the spiritual crime to ungratefully leave His one-pointed Bhakti, after attaining such a rarest of the rare treasure by an impossible stroke of extreme good fortune. This do-or-die understanding is not for anyone else but for my own self. Let me keep it deeply ingrained in my soul so I don’t fall a prey to it ever.

🍁 Nitai says, ”Even if you want to go and do more sin My child, My desire to deliver you will only increase and increase as you become more and more fallen, just like I wanted to desperately deliver first the biggest sinners in creation Jagai Madhai. Just keep an open mind by not rejecting Me when I come to deliver you and don’t take this as a license to sin.“

nitai mercy

🍁 Such a devotee who loves Nitai will never think that Nitaibhakti is a threat to Gaura Radha Krishna Bhakti, or that we are minimizing Gauranga in any way by Nitaibhakti, because we have not left Gaura worship at all, in fact we worship Gaura Krishna even higher as the Lord of our Lord Nitai, in the mood of Srila Vrindavana dasa Thakura.

🍁 Nitaibhakti is simple to understand for the simple-hearted but very complicated for the doubtful. May I never succumb to the seeds of such doubts constantly being planted by maya in our hearts, as leaving Nitaibhakti, the most merciful and fastest way to Harinam-Siddhi and Gaura Radha Krishna, will be the death-knell for my soul, like digging my own grave. How can I ever leave the crown of all diamonds which I have impossibly found due to extreme good fortune?

🍁 It is true that Nitaibhakti destroys even our Vaishnava-aparadha. But when a soul blasphemes a Nitaibhakta because of the very Nitaibhakti he or she is practicing, Nitaibhakti totally withdraws its protection and that soul is plunged into the full force and consequences of Nitaibhakta-aparadha, which cannot be described in words.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. Joy Nitai ! Hare Krishna ! Really Nitai was happy and Gauranga was most happy by this offering of a pearls garland of Arati verses by Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj! Nitainam Gunjan is a call to Nitai and Gaura both, awarding a supreme bliss to Nitai bhaktas too !

  2. Jai Jai!! Surely this most confidential secret develops our faith more stronger and deeper towards Nitaibhakti. Nitaibhakti ki mahima aparampar.

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