When Does Nitai Not Forgive?

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gaura danda kare yadi
tumi raksha kara,
tumi jare danda kara
gaura tara para.

⬤ “If Gaura punishes someone, O Nitai, You always protect that soul. But, if You punish a soul, the person will never attain Gaura.” (Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya 4.35)

⬤ Even though Lord Nitai is very liberal, He is still svarat or independent. He cannot be always forced to do what we want or expect from Him. So ultimately it is His wish to forgive or not. He forgives most of the time, but sometimes He may also choose not to forgive, if His intimate associates get enviously insulted or blasphemed. It is totally His choice.

⬤ We cannot force Him to forgive every single time. He is supremely independent. Just because He has the most merciful nature in creation and He forgives even our malicious Vaishnava-aparadhas normally, does not mean that He can never punish those who severely blaspheme His devotees. It is His supreme right to do so if He so chooses.

⬤ Everyone knows that we cannot abuse and exploit the free license of forgiveness given to us, to an unacceptable beyond-maximum limit, otherwise it will be have to be unwillingly revoked by the magnanimous forgiver Nitai. Nitai is millions of times more patient, forgiving, and liberal than His brother Gaur Krishna. But if Nitai won’t punish at all in some rare cases, then cunning people will use His offenseless Nitaibhakti as a license and shield to commit sin and blasphemy of His own associates 24/7, which He cannot allow to happen.

⬤ Even the most merciful Lord Doyal Nitai left the village of the vaishnava-aparadhi Ramachandra Khan, because he insulted His most merciful associates in a very vicious, envious, and malicious manner. Thereafter, the whole village got burnt and destroyed on its own as a direct consequence and reaction. This was a very rare case. Nitai could have changed Ramachandra Khan’s free will, just like He did for others, but in this case he did not, because previously Ramachandra Khan had already unsuccessfully tried to destroy the reputation of Namacharya Shrila Haridasa Thakur and His other associates.

Ramachandra Khan tried to destroy Namacharya Shrila Haridasa Thakur

⬤ Nitai’s associates are even more merciful than Nitai Himself, but even Shrila Mineketan Ramdasa left that assembly of devotees, when he felt that the head pujari of that assembly had a severe lack of faith in His Lord Nitai.

⬤ Lord Gaura Krishna punishes instantly for all offenses done to Himself and also His devotees. Nitai never punishes for offending Himself. And He forgives the offenses to His associates many times first, before we get the reaction for them.

⬤ Nitai is akrodha (unangry) if you offend or even hit His Own Self and He remains akrodha to some extent if we offend His associates too. But if we exceed the limits of envious offenses against His associates, then He is free not to remain akrodha or free of anger.

⬤ If we faithfully do Nitaibhakti but are not immediately genuinely repentant for our offenses, Nitai forgives our vaishnava-aparadha many times till the maximum possible limit is reached, even if that vaishnava does not forgive us since He is the sum-total of all Vaishnavas, or even if we are doing it deliberately on the strength of Nitaibhakti.

nitai mercy

⬤ We always know that the Lord loves His dear devotees more than Him Own Life. Thus, Nitai has to unwillingly give up His eternal nature of akrodha for their sake, if the maximum limits of blasphemy are crossed.

⬤ Do you want to risk reaching the limit of Nitai’s forgiveness after which there is absolutely no hope for us for eternity? He can shorten that limit anytime as explained before, so never use Nitaibhakti as a license to sin or offend devotees.

⬤ If one does not know Nitai at all, then all this protection and forgiveness from Nitai does not come into play at all, and one is subjected to the full normal wrath of the Lord Gaura Krishna in relation to vaishnava-ninda and the other nine offenses in Harinam. That is why Nitaibhakti is our only hope.

To conclude, if we do sincere Nitaibhakti, Nitai forgives and ignores vaishnava-aparadha to a particular HIGH limit, after which He won’t. Nitai Himself decides that MAX limit of envy and duplicity for which He can forgive vaishnava-aparadha in every case. After this limit, forgiveness has to be begged from Nitai with great repentance and intense Nitaibhakti and from the specific Vaishnava too who was offended. All other offenses and sins Nitai forgives without limit. Gaura Krishna does not forgive Vaishnava aparadha at all, unless forgiveness is directly asked with great repentance from the specific vaishnava who has been offended.

nitai bhakti and lekhan


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. I guess this is one of the most beautiful glorification of Lord Nitai ! He is actually very forgiving.. and He mostly listens to us when we truthfully try to connect to him. i have myself seen this. Not just spiritual wishes, even the most material desires gets fulfilled if we truly pray to him.

  2. This is very nice crystal clear guidelines on how one can protect himself from vaishnava aparadh..Especially one should b very much careful in offending devotee or associate of Nitai..Joy Nitai..Thank U soomuch dear Gurudeva for such a wonderful guidelines..All glories to U..

  3. Nitai is inspiration, Nitai is the foundation of bhakti, there is no progress without Nitai. This article is so inspiring

  4. This shows how dangerous Vaishnava Aparadha is! Even Nitai is disgusted with such activities. I must be very careful to not offend the Vaishnavas or the sleeping jivas.

    Doyal Nitai!

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