Nitainam Gunjan Proof in Shastras

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1. Drown In Rebirth Without Nitainam

“nitai” na bolilo mukhe
majilo samsara sukhe
vidya kule ki koribe taar

(Narottam das Thakur in Nitaipada Kamal)

“Those who don’t hum Nitai’s name are guaranteed to sink deeply into the ocean of illusory sensual nescience, some way or another. Their high-class education will not be able to save them from being forced into the animal species due to their karma.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: “Bolilo” means to say or hum Nitainam. Nitai’s name is the very antithesis of envy, offense, and, ignorance. For chanting pure Harinam with love, it is mandatory to first overcome the all-powerful desires for mundane sense-gratification and for criticising others. Otherwise, the ten offenses in Harinam will doom us to a fate even worse than before. For this, the all-forgiving, all-destroying, and all-awarding Nitainam is our only hope, according to Narottam das. Just as he says that no one can attain Radha Krishna with-out Nitai in this same song, he means that no one can chant shuddha Harinam without humming Nitainam, in the above verse.

2. Sing Nitainam To Be Mad In Love

samsara sukhera mukhe tule dibe chai
nagare magiya khaba, gaiya “nitai”

(Lochan das Thakur in Nitai Mor Jivandhan)

“I will spit at the very thought of dull mundane happiness, leave everything else, and eat by begging, just so that I can sing “Nitai” and relish its infinite bliss and love.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Some don’t want to sing or hum Nitainam because they wrongly think that they minimize Harinam Sankirtan. As per Lochan das, Nitainam Kirtan is also the Sankirtan of Kaliyuga. Pure Harinam and Krishnalila Kirtan remains a myth until we drown in the bliss of Nitainam and Nitai Lila Kirtan first. Nitainam is also the name of Hari (Harinam) as Nitai is non-different from Hari. The only difference is that Nitainam does not consider any offenses or qualifications, so that we can realize the form, qualities, and pastimes of the Lord quickly in Nitainam first, and thus feel its full bliss. After that, pure Harinam instantly manifests Radha Krishna’s eternal pastimes in our hearts.

3. Take Every Soul To Vraja By Nitainam

“nitai” boliya du bahu tuliya
cholibo vrajera pure
das vrindavan ei nivedan
nitai na chado more

(Srila Vrindavan das Thakur in Antare Nitai)

“By always humming ‘Nitai’ and raising my hands I will attain Vraja dham very quickly in this very life, without fail. The only plea of Vrindavan das is that Nitai should never leave me, and I should never leave Nitainam. Then I will attain everything.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Nitainam is non-different from Vraja dham, because the dham is Nitai. Those who take full shelter of Nitainam with Harinam are always in Vraja.

And by inducing another soul to hum Nitainam, we ensure that he or she attains Vraja and Shuddha Harinam in this life. So sharing Nitainam is the topmost sadhana. Nitai will never stop (na chado) protecting such a soul who does Nitai Gunjan, even without having faith in Nitai Himself. He quickly awards pure Harinam to him or her.

4. Nitainam Is The Only Hope In Kali

vanik adhama murkha ye karila paar
brahmanda pavitra haya nam laile jaar

(Chaitanya Bhagavata, Madhya 3.134)

“The entire universe can be purified ONLY by humming Nitai’s name, as it is only He who ran after the envious merchants, the fallen, and the foolish, to deliver them.”

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Prabhupada:

nityanandera prabhura nam shravan karile jagatera sakala lokera papa-pravrtti prashamita haiya pavitraatara udaya haya. vanik, adhama, murkha – iharau pavitra haiya brahmagya u bhagvad-bhakta hana

“Simply by hearing Nitai’s name, the deep-rooted sinful inclinations in the hearts of all the living entities in this universe are permanently destroyed, and their dormant purity is automatically awakened. Nitainam can instantly raise even the antagonistic merchants, degraded & foolish people into topmost self-realized pure devotees.” So imagine how much more beneficial humm-ing and sharing Nitainam is, for every soul?

5. Wear Nitainam Always As A Necklace

yahara prasade pamara paila nistaar
hena prabhu-nam haar hauka galaar

(Vrndavan das in Nityananda Charitamrita, Antya Khanda, Chapter 13, Verse 76)

“Since the most fallen souls have got pure love only due to Nitai, every one of us should constantly wear Nitai’s name as a necklace around our necks by humming it.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: When we hum Nitainam, it enters through our ears and reverberates in our heart and throat. In this way, it becomes our ornament purifying our voice. It also acts as an offenseless trigger to awaken the divine vision of nitya-lila in our hearts as soon as we chant, sing, hear, or read about Gauranga Radha Krishna. Nitai gave prema to the most fallen without any conditions. We should not be proud to think that we are qualified, when we are fallen. Srila Vrindavan das states in this verse that Nitainam is our only hope, whether we accept it or not. There is no other way. So we should desperately hold on to Nitainam at all times like a necklace.

6. Instant Krishna Prema By Nitainam

nityananda balite haya krsna-premodoya
aulaya sakala anga ashru-ganga vaya

(Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila 8.23)

“Dormant Krishna-prema arises instantly on saying Nitainam and overwhelms our whole body with ecstatic symptoms, causing rivers of tears, of joy, to flow from our eyes.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Here the words “balite haya” one after the other mean that the rarest Krishna-prema, which is unattainable by our own Harinam-sadhana for millions of lives, is effortlessly attained in an instant due to causeless mercy, simply on audibly humming Nitainam. “Balite” means to hum audibly. In the verses 16 and 29, it is stated: “bahu janma kare yadi..” and “hena krishna nam yadi laya bahu baar..” resp. It means that it may take millions of lives by only chanting Harinam. But by also humming Nitainam, one attains Krishna-prema instantly with ecstatic symptoms. This proves that Nitainam is the only way if one is serious to chant or sing Shuddha Harinam in this life.

7. Hear Nitainam To Attain Krishna

nityananda hena bhakta shunile shravane
avashya paibe krishnachandra sei jane

(Chaitanya Bhagavata, Adi Khanda 9.185)

“That fortunate devotee who simply hears Nitainam just once certainly attains Krishnachandra quickly without any doubt.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Hearing Nitainam in the modern times is most effectively possible by listening to the recorded or live humming of Nitainam and Nitai Lila in the voice of rasika devotees, who have realized the form, qualities, and pastimes in Nam. One can keep on listening through speakers or headphones, while doing other activities. It is the easiest but topmost sadhana of them all, since it induces Krishna to appear before us, as per the above words of none other than Madhavendra Puri himself. By inspiring others to hum Nitainam, we are making them hear it also. Thus, we are awarding Krishna to them. They don’t have to wait to reach Him, He comes to them. This makes sharing it the greatest service to every soul.

8. Become Gaura’s Own By Nitainam

ek baar nityananda bale janama dhari
se jana pavitra haila, se loka aamaari

(Chaitanya Mangala, Madhya Khanda 6.99)

Gauranga proclaimed, “One who utters Nitainam even once in this human life is fully purified and becomes My Own.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Humming Nitainam is like saying it or singing it. It purifies not only the one who hums it but also all those who hear it. All such souls instantly become Gauranga-nija-jana as they are accepted by Gaura in His circle.

This is the power of Nitainam. Some argue that we are displeasing Gaura by taking Nitainam, because He wanted us to chant Harinam only. This erroneous argument is refuted in this verse by Lochana das. Some say that they will take Nitainam, but only in the form of the Pancha Tattva mantra. But nowhere in the scriptures, Gauranga, or the Acharyas have recommended us to chant Pancha Tattva mantra for more than a few times daily. They advise us to specifically say Nitainam constantly, like in this verse.

9. Destroy All Offenses By Nitainam

emon doyāl to nāi he, mār kheye prema dey
aparādha dūre jābe, pābe prema-dhan
o nāme aparādha-vicāra to nāi he

(Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur in Gitavali Sri Nam Kirtan, Song 2)

“There is no one as merciful as Nitai in the whole creation, because He awards love even to those who hit Him. There is no consideration of offenses at all in Nitainam. In fact by humming Nitainam, all the offenses in Harinam vanish forever, and we attain pure love for Gaura Radha Krishna.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: The 10 Harinam-aparadha, 10 Dham-aparadha, 64 Seva-aparadha, and mundane sins from past unlimited lives are all permanently eradicated by Nitainam. This is because of the all-forgiving, liberal, and merciful nature of Nitai Himself. How can His name ever consider any of our offenses when He Himself embraces and gives His love even to those who hit, blaspheme, or envy Him? In fact, Nitai is searching to specifically deliver the most offensive souls in creation. Nitainam is the ONLY hope for the wicked.

10. Nitainam Awards Extreme Bliss

navadvipe purushottam pandit mahashaya
nityananda name janra mahonmada haya

(Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila 11.33)

“Nitya-siddha Purushottam Pandit from Navadvipa would always remain in extreme rapture by constantly humming Nitainam.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: If you want to remain in a perpetual state of blissful trance or samadhi, Nitainam is the only way. By humming Nitainam, we can live in the most degraded places without getting affected. In fact, the whole world around us becomes a supreme festival of exaltation, and an opportunity to deliver other souls. We will never run away from the battlefield due to the empowerment of Nitainam. Nitai’s heart constantly cries so much for every soul, that He is willing to even sell His very self to save just one of His part and parcels. A tiny part of that compassion also awakens in us by humming Nitainam, since Nitainam has the same infinite qualities of Nitai Himself. Devotees in all the five rasas, specifically including madhurya, need Nitainam to behold their own spiritual form in Harinam.

11. Offenses Can’t Block Love in Nitainam

balaram das, krishna-prema-rasāsvādi
nityananda name haya parama unmadi

(Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila 11.34)

“Nitya-siddha Balaram das would always relish pure love of Krishna by remaining divinely intoxicated in humming Nitainam.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Krishna-prema and Nitainam are synonymous, because Nitai is always drenched with love fully from His toe to head. While chanting Harinam, there is an insurmountable mountain of our offenses before us, which we need to cross before reaching Krishna-prema on the other side. But as we hum Nitainam, that Krishna-prema on the other side of the mountain comes searching for us, in such a way that our offenses can’t obstruct it (suvimala krishna-prema anveshaye take). So which one is better? To wait for endless lifetimes for our offenses to end by chanting only Harinam, or to instantly attain Krishna-prema by humming Nitainam along with Harinam, thereby quickly destroying all our offenses? Nitainam grants us love even if we can’t give up our offenses initially. (aparadha sattve jiva labhe prema dhana).

12. Gaura Hums Nitainam To Feel Blissful

ati anirvachaniya dekhi mukha-chandra
ghana ghana dake nityananda nityananda

(Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Khand 26.74)

“Gauranga intensely called out Nitainam constantly. Due to this, His moon-like face assumed unspeakable divine beauty.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: By humming Nitainam, we become blissful within and beautiful without. Since the Supreme Lord Gauranga Himself always takes Nitainam, only the most unfortunate devotee will refuse to relish humming Nitainam by giving speculated excuses that it will displease Gauranga, Nitai, Krishna, or one’s Gurus. Gaura is teaching us by His own example how we should constantly call out Nitainam to beg for Doyal Nitai’s mercy, which is our only hope. Nitainam has the infinite bliss to make even Gauranga, the ultimate abode of Mahabhav-Rasaraj of Radha Krsna, happy. Krishna, even after accepting Radha’s love as Gaura, still hums Nitainam. This shows how Nitainam is the supreme granter of manjariprema, which even Krsna hankers for.

13. Gaura: Nitainam Is Personified Bliss

naame nityananda tumi rupe nityananda
ei tumi nityananda rama murtimanta

(Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya Khand 12.18)

Gaura said to Nitai, “Your name is personified eternal bliss, and so is Your form which manifests from Your name. Thus, you are Nityananda Balaram Himself.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Our first touch of Nitai’s supreme bliss is His holy name. Nitainam is the topmost wealth in Krishna’s infinite treasury. It may take us millions of lives to attain the very first step of seeing Krishna’s form while chanting Harinam. But we can instantly see Nitai’s form while humming Nitainam, due to its offenseless nature. In this way, Nitainam removes the curtain of our offenses hiding the form in the Nam. Then if we chant Harinam, we can see the forms, qualities, and pastimes of Radha Krishna in this very life without delay. So Nitainam awards us Shuddha Harinam. “Naame Nityananda” also means that Nitainam grants eternal bliss to even those who hum it enviously, unknowingly or in fun.

14. Melt Your Heart By Nitainam Gunjan

haay re abhagara prana ki sukhe achaha
“nitai” baliya kena mariya na yaha
tara nam laite na gale mora hiya
krishna das kahe mui bada abhagiya

(Krishna das in Adosha Darashi Mora Song)

“Alas, oh unfortunate soul! You are satisfied with mundane happiness because you have never relished the humming of Nitainam. This is death. If my heart does not melt in pure love by humming Nitainam, the most merciful name in the whole creation, then I, Krishna das, remain the most ill-fated soul.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: When we hum Nitainam, we are ready for death, as we are assured to go to Nitai due to our humming. We will never know what is transcendental pleasure if we don’t hum Nitainam, and thus be unable to give up our lower sinful deeds. The highest probability for melting our hearts with pure love in this very life is by Nitainam. We should first try to enter the lila from the door which is always open for us, not from the door which is securely locked. And that is the door of the liberal Nitainam.

15. Nitainam Enchants Souls With Love

darshan matra sarva jiva mugdha haya
nam-tattva dui – nityananda rasa maya

(Chaitanya Bhagavat, Antya Khanda 5.357)

“Simply by humming Nitainam or seeing Nitai each and every soul is enchanted with love instantly, because both Nitainam and Nitai are full of eternally blissful mellows.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: “Sarva jiva” signifies that there is no living being in this creation who will not become attracted to the all-loving and all-merciful Nitainam. And that too simply by saying or seeing it once. “Mugdha” means that Nitainam drowns every soul in infinite bliss, love, and peace; the very things we live for. Thus, there is no greater welfare work in this creation than to give the supreme gift of Nitainam to every soul, and request everyone to share it too. “Matra” indicates that the full bliss of Nitainam is instantly accessible to all souls, right at the first time they start humming it. They can see Nitai through the sound of His name. Existing offenses can’t obstruct Nitainam in awarding prem to the lost souls.

16. Gaura Hums Nitainam Before Harinam

nityananda bali prabhu kandite lagila
murchita haila prabhu, tritiya prahar gela
madhura svare harinam svarupa sunaila

(Prema Vilasa, Chapter 1, Verses 51-52)

“Gaura repeatedly chanted Nitainam and cried profusely. Then he fell unconscious in a divine trance for 9 hours. During that time, Svarupa Damodar sang Harinam for Him.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Here Gaura is teaching us by His own example that the way to approach Harinam is by Nitainam. Srila Swami Prabhupada said in Cc that one should come or stay in Vrindavan only after regularly chanting Nitainam, because the Dham is Nitai Himself. He and His Gurudev also wrote in their Cc purports to 1.8.31 that neophyte devotees should not artificially indulge in the chanting of Harinam, without sufficiently taking shelter of Nitainam first. Gaura is emphasizing on exactly this same principle here. Nitainam is instantly making even the Lord, who is an infinite ocean of ananda, cry and faint in bliss. So imagine how much prema Nitainam will award us?

17. Even Brahma Aspires To Hum Nitainam

anadi avidya dhvamsa haya jaar naame
ki mahatva tanra vati ane kaka sthane

(Chaitanya Bhagavata 2.11.49)

“Nitai’s name destroys our eternal ignorance from the root. So what is so great that a crow brought back the pot on Nitai’s order?”

brahmadi nam gocharah

(Nitai’s 108 Names, Verse 8, Name 32, By Srila Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya)

“Nitainam is fully relished by the greatest personalities in the universe like Brahma.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Some are averse to saying Nitainam. They don’t have the same faith in Nitai like they have in Gaura Krishna. It is like accepting one brother and rejecting the other. Hence, they will never attain Krishna. On the other hand, Nitainam is accepted and relished by Brahma, Shiva, Ananta, Narada, Yama, Shuka, and all the demigods, as described in the heavenly sankirtana pastimes after Jagai and Madhai’s deliverance. “Gocharah” means that the greatest like Brahma have realized the mercy present in Nitainam. Since Krsna and Gaura constantly enact Their pastimes in Nitai’s heart and body, Nitainam is non-different from both Harinam and Gauranam. Those who consider it inferior due to envy are victims of Kali and unfit for deliverance.

18. Nitainam and Pancha Tattva Mantra

Q. I chant the Pancha Tattva mantra. So why do I need Nitainam?

1. Pancha Tattva mantra is recommended to be chanted only once or 3 times before Harinam, as it is not found in any scriptures as a mantra like Nitainam is. It is just a hymn.

2. Chanting the Pancha Tattva mantra only once or thrice daily may not be sufficient to destroy our ten offenses in Harinam. More adequate shelter of Nitainam is needed daily.

3. Just like the Pancha Tattva mantra can’t replace Harinam, similarly it can’t replace Nitainam, because Nitainam is directly recommended by our Acharyas, for humming or singing constantly for Harinam Siddhi.

4. Nitai is the most merciful Lord among the Pancha Tattva, similarly Nitainam is the most merciful name. After Gauranga retired to relish Radha’s love in Puri Gambhira; and Advaita Acharya, Gadadhara Pandita, and Shrivasa also retired to Shantipur, Tota Gopinath, and Kumarhatta resp., Nitai was the only Lord who still went door to door to the drunkards, prostitutes, etc. in Bengal, to award love to those who don’t even want it.

19. Does Nitai Tell Us Only Harinam?

1. If Nitai does not want us to hum or sing His name, why would Gaura Himself chant Nitainam and instruct every soul to do the same, as described in this book’s verses?

2. So many Acaryas have chanted Nitainam and ordered us to chant it, as proved in this book. Why would they do it if Nitai did not want it? We follow their Vani, not imitate them.

3. By nature, Nitai is humility personified. So He told others to chant Harinam and Gauranam. But so many Acaryas, like Narottam das, revealed the secret that without Nitainam, we will surely fall into Maya: “nitai” na bolilo mukhe, majilo sansar sukhe.

4. Nitai is the Mula-Mahajan and the Mula-Bhandari of Shuddha Harinam, as stated in Godruma Kalpatavi. Even the six Goswamis received it from Nitai. Nitai distributed pure Harinam to one and all by opening the marketplace in Godruma. But at that time, the souls received pure Harinam from Him directly. Now Nitai is not present to award it to us directly. So we need to receive pure Harinam from Nitainam Prabhu, who is non-different from Nitai, and Who is still there to make us qualified for Shuddha Harinam.

20. My Guru Did Not Tell About Nitainam?

Q. My Guru did not mention about taking Nitainam for Harinam Siddhi. So how can I do it?

1. Its not possible for any Guru to stress on or to tell all the instructions in the shastras. That does not mean that untold instructions should not be followed or are not bona-fide.

2. No Guru can possibly be against or be displeased by humming/singing Nitainam in addition to Harinam, because it is the direct order of Lord Gauranga Himself, Vrindavan das, Krishna das, Lochan das, Bhaktivinoda Thakur, and many Acharyas, as shown here.

3. Chaitanya Bhagavat states that a Guru falls into sense-gratification if he can’t stop his or her disciples from criticizing bhaktas. But if these disciples take Nitainam too, they save their Gurus and themselves from ninda.

4. “Nitai” is a bona-fide name of the Lord given by our Acharyas. So no Guru should discourage anyone to hum or sing it in addition to Harinam. Nitai is the origin of all Vishnu Tattva and all Gurus, who are only Jiva Tattvas. So Nitainam is equal to the names of all our Acharyas combined. Hence they encourage all devotees to take shelter of Nitainam & Nitai Lila for Harinam-Siddhi.

21. My Guru Is More Important Than Nitai?

Q. Following the teachings of my Gurudev is the only way in which I will approach Nitai.

A. upasatam va guru-varya-kotir
adhiyatam va shruti-shastra-kotih
sadyah param syad dhi rahasya-labhah
(Chaitanya Chandramrita, Verse 25)

“Even if we strictly follow millions of exalted gurus, or study millions of advanced scriptures, we will not attain the deepest secret of bhakti till we receive mercy of a personality especially like Nitai, who owns the direct sidelong glance of Gaura’s mercy.”

sadhu paoya kashta bada jivera janiya
sadhu-bhakta-rupe krishna aila nadiya

(Prema Vivarta by Srila Jagadananda, 7.8)

“Knowing that finding a truly pure guru and sadhu in Kaliyuga is almost next to impossible, Krishna appeared as the true sadhus and gurus: Nitai Gaura, in Navadvipa.”

The above two verses make it very clear that we can’t just brush aside Nitainam by saying that I will approach Nitai only through my Guru & Radha. No Guru is independent. Every Guru wants us to take Nitainam too: “nitai” na bolilo mukhe, majilo sansar sukhe.

22. Why Nitainam First Before Gauranam?

Q. We have Nitai Gaura or the Pancha Tattva mantra together. So why Nitainam first before Gauranam?

A. Gauranga is Radha Krishna, so He is sometimes very strict just like Them. All Three of Them reciprocate to the extent of our purity. Gauranam may forgive all our offenses, but Nitainam does not even notice them. So to chant pure Gaura Radha Krishna nam, we need Nitainam. Gauranam is Yugal nam. So it is on the same level as Radha Krsna nam. Nitainam falls into a unique category of total causeless mercy, as it never considers even our worst & planned offenses.

Gaura punished even His own intimate associates like Chota Haridas, Kala Krishna das, Mukunda, Damodar Pandit, King Prataprudra, Jagai Madhai, Devananda, etc. etc., including even His own mother, for virtually no mistake of theirs, in order to set the highest possible standard. He banished vaishnava-aparadhis like Gopal Chapal etc. forever. So Gauranam is immediately not for all. All the above devotees were saved only by Nitai in the end. Thus it is ONLY Nitainam and Nitai who protect the souls (like us) who are punished & rejected by Gaura, as told by Jiva in Navadvipdham Mahatmya 4.35: Gaura danda kare jadi, tumi (nitai) raksha kara.

23. Why Nitainam Before Gauranam? II

A. Gaura accepts the bhakti of only those who chant 100,000 names daily, and that too, purely. And Gauranam is non-different from Gaura Himself. But humming Nitainam and hearing Nitai Lila forces Gaura Radha Krishna to accept even our 16 rounds of Harinam.

Some verses which prove that we need lots of mercy from Nitainam and Nitai first before we can approach Gauranam & Harinam are:

tomar karuna vina Gaura nahi paya (NDM 4.34)
shata janma bhaje yadi gauranga hiyaya

“Without Nitai’s mercy, one cannot attain Gaura, even if he or she worships Gaura deeply in the heart for more than 100 lives.”

nityananda-prasade se gaurcandra jani (CB 2.22.135)

“One can approach Gaura only by Nitai’s mercy.”

amara prabhura prabhu shri gaurasundar
e bada bharasa citte dhari nirantar (CB 1.17.153)
sarva-bhave swami jena haya nityananda (CB 1.9.231)
tanra haiya bhaji jena prabhu gauracandra

“I will never approach Gaura directly but only through Nitai.” The same is valid for Gauranam.

24. Millions Of Lives By Only Harinam

Devotees chant Harinam. So they don’t want to hear that Harinam alone is not enough. But it is a fact, even if they keep on ignoring it. Harinam considers offenses, which will never let them attain Krishna-prema. This secret, which Maya desperately wants to hide from the devotees, is finally exposed in Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila, Chapter 8:

bahu janma kare yadi shravan kirtan
tabu ta’ na paya krishna-pade premdhan (16)

“Even if you hear and chant Harinam for many lives, still you will never attain pure love for Krishna.”

‘krsna-nam’ kare aparadhera vichar
krsna balile aparadhira na haya vikar (24)

“Krishna’s name considers our offenses. So no one feels pure ecstasy even after chanting it repeatedly.”

hena krsna-nam yadi laya bahu-bar
tabu yadi prema nahe, nahe asrudhar (29)
tabe jani, aparadha tahate prachur
krsna-nam-bija tahe na kare ankur (30)

“You will not get love or tears even if you chant Harinam many times for many lives. You should now learn to accept that due to your endless offenses, the seed of Harinam will never sprout in your heart.”

chaitanya nityanande nahi esaba vichar
nam laite prema dena, vahe ashrudhar (31)

“But in the names of Nitai Gaura, there are no such considerations. Chant Them to instantly get love!”

25. Millions Of Lives By Only Harinam II

This secret, which Maya desperately wants to hide from the devotees, is also exposed in Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur:

koti koti varshe kari shri krishna bhajan
tathapi namete rati na paya durjan (10.33)

“Even if one chants Harinam for millions upon millions of lives, still an offensive soul will never get spontaneous attraction for Harinam due to the sins.”

krishna-nam krishna-dham mahatmya apar
shastrera dvaraya jane sakala samsar (1.42)

“Every devotee on earth knows the endless glories of Krishna’s name and abode from the scriptures.”

tabu krishna-prema sadharane nahi paya
ihara karana kiba chintaha hiyaya (1.43)

“Even then, no devotee is getting pure love of Krishna. Every single devotee should deliberate on the only reason for this: our offenses to Harinam.”

ihate achaye ta eka gudha-tattva sar
maya-mugdha jiva taha na kare vichar (1.44)

“The secret of all secrets is hidden in this question. But the souls bewildered by Maya never ask it.”

nitai chaitanya bali jei jiva dake
suvimala krishna-prema anveshaye take (1.48)

“Only solution: Purest love of Krsna starts searching for the soul who calls out Nitainam and Gauranam.”

26. Vaisnava Ninda Ends Only By Nitainam

nityananda-prasade se vaishnavere chini
nityananda-prasade se ninda jara kshaya

(Chaitanya Bhagavat, Madhya 22.135-136)

“One understands the devotees only by Nitai’s mercy. And only by His mercy, we can be free of vaishnava-aparadha and ninda forever.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: The first offense of criticizing devotees is our main obstacle, and the very reason why we don’t get pure love on chanting or hearing Harinam japa, kirtan, and katha. There is no atonement for it, except to go and ask forgiveness to every single devotee whom we have verbally or mentally offended, in our past and present lives. This is impossible to do. So is there any hope for us? Yes! According to the above verse, Nitai’s mercy, attained by Nitainam, Nitai Lila and Nitaidham, is the only means to totally eradicate all traces of this aparadha, including our inherent mentality to criticize devotees. Chanting Harinam constantly in multiples of 64 rounds in the Dham for years can mitigate this offense to some extent, only if we chant offenselessly. But if we would be chanting purely, then we would not offend anyone in the first place. So Nitainam is the only way to become free of vaishnava-ninda.

27. Why Nitainam For Radha-Dasyam?

A. Heno Nitai Bine Bhai,
Radha Krishna Paite Nai

“Without Nitai, NO ONE can ever attain Radha Krishna.” (And Nitai is non-different from Nitainam.)

Nitaiera Karuna Habe,
Vraje Radha Krsna Pabe

“One can attain Radha Krishna in Vraja ONLY by the mercy of Nitai.” (Narottam das Thakur)

je bhakti gopika ganera kahe bhagavate
nityananda haite taha paila jagate

The pure devotional love and mood of the Gopis glorified in Srimad Bhagavatam was awarded to
all the people of this world ONLY by Nitai.”
(Chaitanya Bhagavat 3.5.303)

gopi gane vyakta je sakala anuraga
ingite se saba bhava nityananda raya
dilena sakala priya ganere kripaya

“All the loving moods of the Gopis for Lord Krishna were freely granted to everyone ONLY by Lord Nitai.” (Chaitanya Bhagavat 3.5.419)

apani ye gopibhave karena krandana
nadi vahe hena saba dekhe shishu-gana

“All his childhood boyfriends watched as Nitai wept bitterly in Gopibhava.” (Chaitanya Bhagavat 1.9.36)


“ONLY Nitai is the Giver of Radha’s Mantra and Radha Nam.” (Sarvabhauma in Nitai’s 108 Names) 
All manjaris as goswamis attained love due to Nitai.

28. Atheist Turns MahaVaisnav By Nitai Lila

chaitanya mangal shune jadi pashandi yavan
seha maha-vaishnava haya tatakshan

(Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila 8.38)

“Simply on hearing Nitai Lila in the form of Chaitanya Bhagavat once, an atheist turns into a maha-vaishnava that very instant.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Chaitanya Bhagavat is basically Nitai Lila as confirmed by Srila Krishna das Kaviraj in Cc 1.8.48: nityananda lila varnane haila avesh… So it makes it the most merciful scripture in creation, just like Nitai is the most merciful Lord and Nitainam the most merciful name.

Hearing Srimad Bhagavatam is for the most advanced souls, as described in SB 1.1.2: paramo nirmatsaram satam… Srila Swami Prabhupada writes in his Cc 1.8.36 purport: “Due to misunderstanding Srimad-Bhagavatam, people are misled regarding the science of Krishna. However, by reading Srila Vrindavan das Thakur’s book one can very easily understand this science.” So by reading Krishnalila directly without Nitai Lila, one will commit offenses. Thus, Sarasvati Thakur told all to read CB 100 times first.

29. Nitai Lila Grants Krishna Prema

Srila Vrindavan das Thakura states in Sri Caitanya Bhagavata:

je sunaye nityananda prabhura akhyan
tahare miliba gauracandra bhagavan 3.5.705

“One who hears Nitai Lila meets with Gauranga.”

dasyu-gana-mochan je chitta diya sune
nityananda-caitanya dekhibe sei jane 3.5.706

“One who attentively hears how Nitai delivered the thieves will see Nitai Gaura face to face.”

tanhara charitra jeba jane, shune, gaya
sri krsna-caitanya tanre param sahaya 1.1.18

“One who hears and sings Nitai Lila will always be protected in all ways by Gauranga Himself.”

nityananda janile apad nahi kati 1.9.220

“One who knows Nitai Lila will face no obstacles.”

nityananda svarupera tirtha-paryatan
jei iha sune, tare mile premadhan 1.9.237

navadvipe nityananda-chandra agaman
iha jei sune tare mile premadhan 2.3.136

“One who hears about Nitai’s travels to the holy places and Navadvip will attain Krishna-prema.”

je gaya, je sune, e sakala punya-katha
vaisnav-aparadha tar na janme sarvatha 3.4.395

“Critical mentality for devotees will never take birth in one who sings or hears Nitai Lila.”

mora deha haite nityananda-deha bada
satya satya sabare kahinu ei dadha 3.2.258

Gaura said, “Nitai is higher than Me in all ways.”

30. See Nitai by Sharing Nitainam Once

bhaike bhartsinu mui lana ei guna
sei ratre prabhu more dila darshana

(Chaitanya Charitamrita, Adi Lila 5.180)

“Accepting my only one meager attempt to convince my brother about Him, Nitai appeared before me on that same night.”

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: This is Kripa-Siddhi. Sharing Nitainam and Nitai Lila with others can instantly bring Nitai before us along with His associates, as seen above. It may take millions of lives to directly see Krishna face to face, but when we see Nitai by Nitaiprachar, then Krishna has to appear. Krishna wants us to share His glories with His devotees (Gita 18.68: mad-bhaktesv abhidhasyati). Nitai, being even more merci- ful, wants us to take a risk like He did, and share it with new souls (vimudhan bhakti-rahitan), to save them from hell. One may practice intense sadhana in the Dham and progress in remembrance, but to actually enter into the nitya-lila, one requires this Kripa-Siddhi, which comes only by reaching out to totally lost souls. Nitai is the most forgiving and liberal Lord, so only Nitainam, Nitai Lila, Nitaiprachar & Nitaidham can give us Kripa-siddhi in Harinam & Radhadasyam.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
    कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे।
    हरे राम हरे राम
    राम राम हरे हरे ।।
    ।। जय निताइ ।।

  2. Each time I read these proofs, I find something new and fresh that I have not noticed before….much like the charm of Nitai himself. May I hold tightly to His lotus feet for the duration of my lifetime…he who saved Jagai and Madhai, even though they were in such a degraded condition that they chased and struck Him. For those who read these proofs and still hesitate to try calling Nitai’s Name, I can only suggest that they try it…the sweetness is immediately evident, even in the darkest of circumstances. He is our eternal companion in all that we go through…always with us and there for us, lifetime after lifetime.

  3. Thank you so much Gurudev for this book . All proofs telling how much important is Nitai bhakthi . If we have any doubts about Nitai and Nitai bhakthi all will go by reading this book . All verses are directly improving faith in Nitai . Nitai nam helps in harinam siddhi . Please read this book must and should.
    All glories to Gurudev. Joy Nitai

  4. Heart melting verses dear Gurudev. Jay Jay Nitai! Jay Jay Gurudev!!
    Many congratulations dear Gurudev for such a wonderful compilation.

  5. Wah jai ho Gurudev, 2 point and 2nd last verse is ultimate. Even one listen about how Nitai has delivered the fallen and rogues they themselves get delivered and the 2nd last one is the key to Radha Krishna Gauranga as you Gurudev always says that only one thing is stopping us from Krishna prema and that is aparadh and here you are making it very clear that by hearing the topics about Nitai that apradhic mentality will not develop then what to speak of actually doing aparadh. This is the reason I think why all our Nitai bhKtas are so humble.

  6. Jai Nitai Gurudev!! Very nectarine verses. Especially the last one where Gauranga is saying that Nitai is higher than Himself not just out of humility. It actually means it, because Nitai is doing more than anyone else for reaching the lost souls(thereby decreasing the pain of Gauranga in the form of Paramatma in the hearts of those souls). Thank you finding and sharing these gems of Verses!

  7. Thank you very much Srila Gurudev for the book. The final additions are too good. In the end, the verses added on seeing Nitai and benefits of hearing nitai lila is like a phal sruti. Who would deny doing Nitai gunjan when so many teachings and benefits are written n read about in one single book. :pray: Dandavat pranam Srila Gurudev and all nitaibhakts. Joy Nitai

  8. Dandavat pranam Nitaipreshthji Gurudev. All quotes in this compilation are 24 carat gold which you can only sell.

  9. Beautiful slides with beautiful teeka by you! Only you can reveal the hidden treasures of scriptures. Thank you Gurudev. Without you how we have ever come to know the value of Nitainaam!! All glories to you!

  10. This book is the most valuable matchless gift in our hands by causeless mercy of Shrila Gurudev. Otherwise surely we would have been lost for millions and billions of years again and again…All glories to Shrila Gurudeva.

  11. Jaya Nitai!! Very potent explanation dear Gurudev. Nitai’s name is the very antithesis of envy, offense, and ignorance. Waah! You always expertly hit the very core in the first sentence only! Wonderful compilation dear Gurudev. It was very much needed. Thank you for explaining each verse so thoroughly.. while reading your verses I was reminded of one exp. of Srila Prabhupad that Krishna and Balaram are non different and the only difference is in their bodily complexion. Balaram is 1st manifestation(svamsa). That same like goes for Harinam and Nitainam. Harinam is merciful but by nature has discrimination n rules. But the mercy Harinam has is due to Nitainam. Like salt water, the liquid is by nature salty but that saline characteristic is due to the presence of salt in it.. Please correct me if I am wrong. Just able to think n write by your mercy. Dandavat pranam Srila Gurudev and all nitaibhakts. Joy Nitai!

  12. If it was not for Maharaj’s insights and expositions on Nitai and His name – what would we know, piratically, about the unprecedented causeless mercy of Nitai and His name? I certainly, would never have picked up on the reality of Nitai and His name. Gradually i have learnt more and more while doing Nitainam gunjan. Doyal Nitai Doyal Nitai HariHari!!

  13. Beautiful verses and commentaries added. Nitai cries for His part and parcels and is ready to sell His very self to deliver just one of His souls. Your writings are peak of mercy, highlighting the most merciful nature of Nitainam. Dandavat pranam Srila Gurudev and all nitaibhakts. Joy Nitai! Nitaimaya commentary from You can surely change the course of live of millions.

  14. Thanks so much Gurudeva for this proof. Gauranga Mahaprabhu himself shows the world the importance of chanting Nitai nam before taking up the Harinam.

  15. Nitaaaaaaai!! Thank you very much Srila Gurudev for giving us these most important proofs. You have given us the essence of your 47 yrs of bhajan. Taking up all the struggles, day and night hard work, but distributed the fruits to us freely by your mercy.

  16. Indeed this is most wonderful n incredible nectar which discloses the topmost big secret of the whole creation which gets revealed just once in 864 crs. years by empowered messenger of Lord like you dear Gurudeva!! The whole world surely knows the glories of Supreme Lord Krishna but if by ill fortune they dont accept worship of Nitai by Nitainaam gunjan and Nitailila kirtan even after coming to ones own hand and infront of ones own eyes then definitely they are foolishly trying to relish the taste of pure sweet honey from out side the bottle only..Only by good fortune most fortunate souls are able to see and read this glories of Nitainaam during their long long journey in this horrible n miserable world since infinite time!! In fact causeless mercy of Supreme Lord flows full fledged only to those baddhas who accepts such nectar by heart and with love and immediately starts implementing in ones own life without even a drop of doubt in one’s own Shri Guru !! Surely It becomes duty of each and every true disciple to spread this topmost glories to this world as much as possible with full enthusiasm and love to prove oneself as obedient disciple and to reduce worries of Shri Guru and Shri Shri NitaiChand !! Without fail We should express our true gratefulness to Shri Guru by fulfilling the expectations of Guru for us !!I Surely Nitai might have mercifully chosen all of us with some hope to help in His noble mission of actual welfare for miserable and His lost sons!! I have no enough n complete words to sing n praise glories of my shuddha mahabhagvat Guru who continuously struggled alot in Their life along with very hard dedicated day n night endeavors without even caring for Their own health for the true n perfect welfare of Their disciples n for the all living entities of this world too to send them to Goloka in this vary life only with full guarantee!! Tons of thanks to Shrila Gurudeva for awarding us with this shortest ,fastest, bonafide and easiest method of sadhna to attain goal of life !! Without any selfinterest you have mercifully handed over this beautiful key to open up the very hard n tough lock of the doors of our peace n real happiness forever !!!Without Ur timely help surely we had been lost forever in the dark n deep wel of ignorance !! You have given us the best n perfect solutions during the emergency to attain true happiness for which we are hankering and foolishly wandering here and there without any hope since time immemorial!! You have mercifully brought n connected canal of love of Godhead to our house n heart !!!Aapki Jai Dao.. Jai Dao.. Jai Dao..

  17. Hare Krishna! Thank you very much for this wonderful book. I want to chant every day Nitai nama japa. But I chant Nitai or Nityananda ? Which is proper ? How many rounds chant needed every day ? Also I need chant Gauranga nama japa ? I am chanting Hare Krishna japa every day 16 rounds.

    Thank you very much!
    Jay Nityananda! Jay Gauranga! Jay Harinama sankirtan

  18. Hare Krishna Jay nitai guru Maharaj …im extremely ever greatful to you for revealing such gem for fallen n sinful soul like me
    Dear gurumahaj plz bless me that I keep this gem as like as my life n soul

  19. Joy joy Nitaaaaaai… thankyou so much for these invaluable slides Shrila Gurudeva. Each and every slide is like a Nitai bullet. Your commentary to the verses is so lucid and is clearly conveying the urgent need of taking shelter of Nitainam. Thankyouuuuuuuuuuu so much dear Gurudeva for opening our eyes and showing us the right way for Harinam siddhi. All glories to you! All glories to guru parampara! All glories to Nitai gunjan the only hope for suffering souls

  20. One of the favorite slides…One will surely can see Nitai in this life only that too in few days .Such a big proof that Nitai is so so merciful that he is ready to appear instantly before a fallen soul even he is not eligible for it and may have to take millions of life to witness this.My koti Koti Dandavat pranam unto the lotus feet of Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev for giving Nitai Gunjan which is rescuing us from calamities of this world. I can imagine how Nitainam will help devotees on this planet with its Miraculous effect.

  21. Joy Nitai ! One mataji and me were reading Nitai Gunjan book by Shrila Gurudev. I was reading out to her explaining in Hindi (as it’s difficult for her to understand eng). Though I have no knowledge or realizations but we were discussing our experiences on how Gunjan is uplifting us everyday. We can see from sense gratification to’s helping us all. We read 1 verse and then did 5 min gunjan then another verse then gunjan..and I was feeling how these simple truth are so so hidden and how mercifully Shrila Gurudev is revealing to the world. In reality I can’t understand but at the back I know this book is not ordinary- 47 years of bhajan of an acharya is in this book. By reading the book I felt an urge to share the book with others too. Earlier I was not able to do Gunjan for more than 1/2 hr but after reading few verses only I am able to do more Gunjan. Really feel Nitai Gunjan book is worth worshiping and spreading

  22. Oh Lord! Nitai’s mercy is unparalleled. In this age of Kaliyuga when attainment of perfection seems impossible since we can’t chant Harinam offenselessly due to our offenses from millions of lives. But when everything fails Nitai comes to the rescue, just like he came in the dream of Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami when he had no hope of attaining dham, and meeting Gauranga Mahaprabhu. And what did he do for attaining the darshan of not only Nitai but His associates also? And that was really unexpected! He just convinced his brother about Nitai. The Lord becomes so much pleased that He is ready to appear in front of that soul with His associates. Now don’t say that it was Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami (pure associate) that’s why Nitai appeared. Nitai’s mercy doesn’t discriminate, He has given the mercy to even dacoits, drunkards and miscreants. Please do Nitai Gunjan to attain such causeless mercy of Nitai.

  23. Maharaj, while doing Nitaigunjan this morning, I was thinking yes Nitaigunjan is acting like a shield against maya and then came an understanding that Nitaigunjan is actually either blocking or removing the desire to be the enjoyer. Ever since starting to do at least 1hour Nitaigunjan daily, I notice, especially when I go outside – the world seems so empty – everywhere I look it’s empty, mundane matter, and I need to constantly pray and beg Nitai for shelter and to be engaged in His transcendental loving service, because everywhere I look is just empty – no happiness there. The mind and senses are always trying to enjoy – but there is no more enjoyment when I look, or hear, or taste, or smell, or touch, so I am compelled to find the real happiness at the lotus feet of Nitai – to beg Him to give me love for Him. Everywhere and everything that previously gave a type of happiness is no longer a source of happiness – it’s all empty. Just wanted to let you know what effect Nitaigunjan is having on me.

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