Kamal Manjari Hears Flute

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Jay Jay Sri Radhe! Jay Jay Sri Radhe Shyam!

svānanda-sukhadā kuñja
manohara tahate kuṭīra śobhe

(Chintamani Moy, Siddhi Lalasa Song 5, Gitamala, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur)

We will continue the song from yesterday, Chintamai Moy. Cintamai Moy song, Bhaktivinoda Thakura is describing about his kutira in Radhakund and after he is sitting there, what is happening there. Next verse:

emona samaya muralira gāna,
pasibe e dāsī-kāne
ānanda matibo sakala bhulibo,
sri-kṛṣṇa-vamsira gane

[Leads Radhanam kirtan]

I don’t like speaking. The nectar of this song is in itself so absorbing, wish all of you understood Bengali then I don’t need to speak in two languages. So Bhaktivinoda Thakur, he was sitting as Kamal manjari in his svananada sukhada kunja. Just being in kunja makes you blissful, happy as Kamal manjari and he was singing Krishna’s name.

basiya tathaya gabo kṛṣṇa nāma
kabe kṛṣṇa-dasya lobhe

I explained yesterday why Bhaktinvinoda Thakura was singing Krishna’s name in svananda sukhada kunja. Why, what’s the reason? Anybody remembers? Did you leave before I explained. (Chuckles)

Service and Mood of Manjaris

(Devotee replies) Yes, the manjari’s only seva is to call Krishna to be with Radharani. Because if Krishna is not with Radharani, the manjaris cannot bear the separation which Radharani is feeling from Krishna. So manjaris also chant Krishna’s name but they don’t chant Krishna’s name as the sakhis do or they don’t chant Krishna’s name as Yashoda does but they chant Krishna’s name not because they want anything from Krishna but because they want to call Krishna to be with Radharani.

Now very interesting thing, I had described yesterday that.. (I don’t have flute but I have harmonium it almost sounds like a flute.) So Krishna falls at the feet of the manjaris to beg for audience of Radharani and the manjaris, they only want Radha daysam but the manjaris fall at the feet of Krishna to come quickly. Not to give more suffering to Radharani so it is very mutual, very very difficult to understand the dealings between Krishna and the manjaris.

Krishna manjari bhava

Krishna Reciprocates Through Flute

So both Bhaktivinoda Thakura was feeling because he writes in the song, basiya tathaya gabo kṛṣṇa nāma kabe kṛṣṇa-dasya hobe means the greed to beg Krishna. To become a servant of Krishna so that Krishna will come faster to Radharani because manjaris never want Krishna’s service independent of Radharani.

The manjaris put a condition to Krishna, “If you want our service.. If you want our association, then always remain with Radharani and forget all other competitors. Forget all other gopis, always remain with Radhika.” And at that time when Bhaktivinoda Thakura was remembering this mood. emona samaya means at that time Bhaktivinoda Thakura heard the flute of Lord Krishna. emona samaya muralira gāna. Very interesting!

muralira gāna means he did not hear only the flute. He heard the flute singing. Krishna’s flute is singing. It is muralira gāna. It is not murlira dhvani.. gāna means the flute is playing and its singing and Krishna is saying something through His flute.

He is telling something to Bhaktivinoda Thakura. What He is telling? I will tell you. The next line is also very beautiful. pasibe e dāsī-kāne, kāne means the ears and pasibe means to nourish. So the flute of Krishna started nourishing the ears of this maid servant who was sitting in svananda sukhada kunja.

manjari of radha

Bathing in Radhakund

Interesting is that as long as you are in material consciousness, bodily consciousness, as long as you have this material body, you cannot hear Krishna’s flute. I was reading a very strong quote by my param gurudev, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura about Radhakund snan.

He is telling, ‘Nobody in the mundane consciousness can actually take bath in Radhakund.’ I will explain to you what he meant. But he did not say that nobody should take bath in Radhakund. What he said is that, people in material consciousness take bath in Radhakund, it is not actually the real bath. They are not taking real bath. They are not bathing in Radhakund.

But to remove that material consciousness is also to take bath,that he did not say no. He was speaking about the problem, he did not speak about the solution but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t accept the solution. What he meant is that right now in our mundane consciousness, when we take bath in Radhakund we don’t feel in manjari bhav. Actually if we become in pure..

In pure consciousness then one bath, and it will awaken our siddha deha. For sure! Krishna das Kaviraja mentions, “Just one bath!” One bath can awaken our svarupa but we are not getting our svarupa that’s what he meant so we are not getting the full benefit.

It is same as drinking that sugarcane juice. I have the jaundice problem and still I keep on drinking sugarcane juice and my liver gets cured, then I start getting the taste of sugarcane juice so it is said that the sugarcane juice will taste bitter but it’s not said that you don’t drink sugarcane juice.

She got cold and cough by taking bath in Radhakund so we feel like sometimes bathing is bitter. Why should I take bath? That also in cold but by taking bath then slowly slowly when our body starts becoming transcendental. In the beginning our bath is not the real bath. That’s what Bhaktisiddhant is saying but by taking bath again and again, it becomes more and more sweeter.

radhakund dham

Chant Mahamantra Offenselessly

pasibe e dāsī-kāne. That flute is nourishing my ears and because I have become a dasi; nava dasi-new maidservant; new manjari, that’s why I can hear, I can hear the kirtan. I can hear the flute. Prabhupada used to say, “If you chant Hare Krishna mahamantra offenselessly, we will hear Krishna’s flute so this is the proof of that.

Bhaktivinoda Thakura’s writings are the proof. But to chant the Hare Krishna mantra offenselessly, you have to come to Radhakund because Bhaktivinoda Thakura heard the flute in Radhakund nowhere else. Staying in so much close proximity with Radharani in Radhakund, our Harinam becomes pure.

And then when we chant Hare Krishna mahamantra in Radhakund, we will hear the Krishna’s flute and Krishna will speak to us. Krishna will say something to us. Our mundane body will start becoming spiritual, our ears will start becoming spiritual. Then we will hear the flute. We cannot hear the flute with our mundane ears.

Manjaris Mood of Uniting Radha Krishna

ānanda matibo sakala bhulibo. I had so many realizations, I don’t know where to start, singing the Hare Krishna mahamantra. Actually the manjaris are like children. They are twelve years like small girls. Small girls are always very impatient. (Laughs) Teens.

So they are very impatient for Krishna to meet Radha. And they plead with Krishna. They beg with Krishna. They do all this possible. Every moment they are praying to Krishna, ‘Come to Radha!’. And ultimately when Krishna comes to Radha, the manjaris are like girls. They start clapping like small girls and dancing. And embracing each other.

They are so happy when Krishna comes near to Radha. One cannot imagine that happiness which manjaris are feeling. That happiness according to Krishna das Kaviraj is even higher to Krishna’s happiness. It’s a very big secret. Very few people believe this but it is true.

Radha feels ten millions time more happiness than Krishna in meeting Krishna and manjaris feel ten million times more happiness than Radharani when they unite because they are the cause to unite Krishna with Radha. They are not only the cause, they are the witness.

Manjaris Mood of Uniting Radha Krishna<

We aspire to become a manjari because a manjari is feeling bliss both of Krishna and Radha because the manjari is witnessing both of them. So whatever happiness both are feeling, the manjaris are feeling. So beautiful!

And another things why manjaris become so pleased by uniting Krishna with Radha because they see that when Krishna, He becomes united with Radha, His beauty increases, His happiness increases manifold. So the manjaris kind of take pride in feeling that they have brought Krishna to Radha. They feel a kind of pride that we are the cause of uniting Krishna with Radha.

Who will take us to Radharani?

And the sakhis are sometimes very strict like Lalita. Lalita sometimes advices Radha against meeting Krishna for days. For days and days. Lalita says, “Nobody will come in Radharani’s kunja.” Not even Krishna so who will be merciful. Lalita’s manjaris.

Lalita sakhi’s manjaris, are very very merciful. When Ananga and Rupa manjari took Kamal manjari to Lalita. Lalita was closed eyes, Lalita was not even looking at Kamal manjari. New manjari has come after so much. New manjari has come but Lalita was not opening her eyes.

Lalita is very strict so who will take us to the sakhis? Who will take us to Radharani? Our goswamis, our manjaris. And the latest goswami, our seventh goswami, Sacidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura. As you come down in parampara the mercy increases.

When you are twelve, thirteen years old, you don’t try to stop others because you yourself is a small aged child. Lalita is fifteen so Lalita can say no, don’t come. But manjaris are small. They are children, teens so how can they stop others.

In fact they are very merciful. The children are very merciful, they drag their parents, they bring them. They are very merciful so manjaris are very merciful. That’s why we say: rupa-raghunatha-pade hoibe akuti (Gauranga bolite habe bhajan by Narottama das thakura). We don’t say lalita-vishakha-pade hoibe akuti. Why don’t we say lalita-vishakha-pade hoibe akuti. We say, rupa-raghunatha-pade hoibe akuti.

Krishna lalita vishakha

Bhaktivinoda Thakura is Kamal manjari

So when you will hear the flute of Krishna in your own kunja. First of all you need, by chanting shudha harinam, you need to make your body spiritual. You should read the stage of mantradhyan maye upasana. Then you will hear Krishna’s flute staying in Radhakund. And when you will hear Krishna’s flute then what will happen.

ānanda matibo sakala bhulibo,
sri-kṛṣṇa-vamsira gane

I did not know what was the next verse, I spontaneously started singing vamsi bole Radhe Radhe. And the next verse Bhaktivinoda Thakura is also saying the same thing:

radhe radhe boli murali dakibe

When you sing the songs of the acharyas, you become in tune with their mood then automatically their mood appears in your heart. That’s why instead of singing our own prayers we should sing the prayers of the acharyas then Radharani is really pleased.

In the last four years of his bhajan from 1914 to 1918, Bhaktivinoda Thakura was in the mood of Kamal manjari, he used to chant 3 lakh names every day. Even his eyes had become like stars, shining. If you see his photo, his eyes are like glittering.

One who does remembrance, true bhajan, his eyes start glittering (remembering). In the last four years, there was only one devotee who had the extreme good fortune of serving him when he was fully absorbed in his manjari form. And His name was Krishna das babaji. Krishna das was a disciple of Bhaktivinoda Thakura and he was serving his gurudev day ans night.

Because Bhaktivinoda Thakura would sit on a wooden chair and he would continuously roll his beads, it was like a festival. He wrote in his book nam bhajan, a small booklet if you will read. He speaks about that. Three lakes names if you chant, every bead, every name is a festival in the lila. Every name!

So he was chanting like that. So good fortune! Sometimes I break my head, why I couldn’t get that chance and Krishna das babaji was serving him. And day and night.. Even though Bhaktivinoda Thakura was not speaking any word to anyone for that four years, Krishna das babaji became so attached to his gurudev in the last four years because of the transcendental bhakti.

The transcendental manjari bhaav which was coming from him because he was continuously. He became expert in his seva. He describes, he was serving camphor to Radharani and he became expert in seva and ultimately Radharani accepted and have him her garland and all these things he explains.

He was like chanting and chanting and ultimately Krishna das babaji, he did not hear any word from his gurudev but he became so attached to his gurudev that when Bhaktivinoda Thakura attained maha samadhi (1918), Krishna das babaji immediately fell dead. He died! He couldn’t live without his guru. Where can you find such devotion in this world? The disciples are thinking let the guru die quickly I can become the guru.

If you go to Svananda Sukhad kunja in Godrumadvipa, you will find just facing Gaur Gadadhara, the beloved deities of Bhaktivinoda Thakura, there is the samadhi of Krishna das. If you have gone there, you will see that. If you see his photograph, you will see how devoted he was.

bhaktivinoda thakur

Ananga Manjari Kunja and Ekachakra Dham

Actually I am very attracted to Jahnava Nitai, Ananga manjari, Kamal manjari and Rupa manjari so actually I made a mistake, we bought some land in Mayapur so I should have bought a land in Godrumadvipa near Bhaktivinoda Thakura because if I am staying in Radhakund near Svananda Sukhada kunja, even in Navadvipa I should stay near Svananda Sukhada kunja but by mistake I bought a land in Mayapur and what Radharani has arranged, that land is gone..

I mean it’s not gone but like it’s kind of Lord. Lord is saying come to Godrumadvipa but I am saying not even Godrumadvipa, I will reach Ekachakra dham. Because just like Svananda Sukhad kunja, Ananga manjari’s kunja is there in Nitai baadhi.


There is a beautiful Nitai kund and in the centre of Nitai kund, there is Jahnava mata’s kunja. That is the same like Ananga manjari’s kunja. And you will all be happy to know that today I want to make an announcement. Because today is dvadasi, akshaya naumi. Naumi, the ninth day of naudha bhakti. The nine bhakti (chuckles).

Anyway it’s the kartik month. From today onwards my schedule, just like Radharani, I am not comparing myself with Radharani please don’t think like that. Radharani, if you see ashta kaliya lila, Radharani’s yearly schedule is fixed. How many places She spends.. Barsana She comes for Radhastami, then she stays for a few months then janmastami she goes to Nandagaon. I was also thinking that it will be easy to serve the devotees better if my yearly schedule is fixed. I also get happiness by getting all of your association and doing kirtan. This kirtan for my soul, this is the ultimate goal of all my bhajan during the day. Kirtan is the ultimate goal of bhajan. Just by seeing karatalas in Devakinandan das prabhu’s neck I feel happy, kirtan. And mridanga with Nitai Nimai das.

Nitai’s Mercy: An Integral Part Of Bhajan

So I want to say that, from 1st January to 30th April, for four months in the year I will be residing I will be residing in Ekachakra dham every year. After they offer all the maha fruits to Radhakund, Radharani on 31st December. The whole Radhakund in filled with fruits and fruits. So many..

After witnessing that pastime of Radharani then I will go to Ekachakra dham because after coming back this year, I stayed for eight months in Ekachakra and after coming back from Ekachakra, I have drowned in manjari prem much more than I was staying in Radhakund alone. I mean Nitai’s mercy has become a very integral part of my bhajan.

I cannot leave that at any cost because to relish Radhakund after coming from Ekachakra is a very very unique thing. Even now I am relishing, this kind of kirtan I have never done before. In every kartik, we are doing kirtan but it has never happened before. For you it must be all same but internally I am realizing things which are very rarely attained.

And first of May, I will return back to Radhakund. From 1st May till 31st December. Eight months. Eight months in Radhakund. Four months in Ekachakra. More than that happy announcement is that from now on, every day I will give katha. Whatever happens if I get cough, cold or fall sick because kirtan is the medicine for everything. But I want to ask your suggestion. Can we shift the timings to afternoon time or evening.

May be this kartik we will complete for evening. But I want to shift the timings in Radhakund, in Ekachakra, wherever I am, 365 days in the year I will be giving katha from 3-5 in the afternoon and from 5 to 6 will be darshan and question answers and personal meetings. Because now also prasadam is getting delayed and devotees are eating at 10 o clock because it’s not good in kartik.

Because prasadam is very difficult to make till 6 o clock. And also 3 o clock is the time when Radhakund lila is going on upto 3:36 so we can still get some lila, paash ghat lila is still going on, stages of the kirtan so we can still get some remanents of those lilas. That will be my yearly schedule, every day from 3 to 5 and 5 to 6. If you wan to bring anybody, any devotees please feel free. I will hundred percent… I am very bad in timings, I am sorry. The Indian standard time, I have been grown up like that. I know western devotees always like time, particularity but I will try my best, sharp 3 o clock. I will start preparing from 2 o clock onwards. Nobody comes, I have no problem, nobody will come but I am really happy to do this kirtan. The moment I touch harmonium I feel blissful. Doesn’t matter, I am not expecting any audience nor I am expecting any followers, nothing. Ultimately the katha rasa, the kirtan rasa, one has to relish one self. I know many kirtan, kathakars, they close their eyes and do kirtan. They don’t even look at the audience who has come, who has not come. They don’t even look.

(While talking with a devotee) Bhagavatam is our strength. When I was a brahmacari I used to memorize so many verses of Bhagavatam. I used to chant them throughout the day. Very beautiful. They really give us strength.

Thank you very much.

bhakti and anarthas


Devotee: How will the anarthas be removed?

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: Anarthas will go away. When something positive comes, when prem will come anarthas will go. For Radha Krishna, the prem will come when anarthas will go. Prem does not wait.. (in Nitainam lekhan)

Devotee: When will the realizations come?

Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj: The Lord is independent. Rupa Goswami says, He can give you, in the beginning in the namastakam he writes. It’s not black and white. The realizations can come when the Holy name starts opening in your heart and you can see everything at any time. It’s not black and white. And it’s real if its coming spontaneously, you are not making an effort for it then it’s real.

November, 2016, Radhakund

Transcription service done by Jahnava Nitai dasi.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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