Secrets of Nitainam Lekhan

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Nitainam Lekhan vs Gunjan

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How to See Nitai in Harinam?

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Nitainam Lekhan 1
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Harinam considers offenses, Gaurnam destroys offenses, whereas Nitainam ignores offenses

Nitainam Gunjan, Nitai Lila Kirtan, they are all offenseless right from the beginning for the conditioned soul. But still if we hear the pure sound vibration of even Nitainam Gunjan, Nitai Lila kirtan, and do it along with that then we have a very more distinct and very certain possibility of realizing the name, the sound the nam shabda and the nam as one. Of course, because Nitainam is offenseless, truly offenseless even though they don’t hear the suddha nam still they can hear, they can feel the non-difference between the Nam and the Nami. Whereas in Harinam Mahamantra one needs to chant offenslessly then one realizes nam laite laite rup aise sange sange. And in Gaurnam there are less offenses. I mean it forgives, destroys our offenses, whereas Nitainam ignores our offenses and Harinam considers our offenses. So that is the difference.

Uniqueness of Nitainam Lekhan

Nitainam lekhan is a very unique process like I explained in other slides that it takes us internally, more internally. In Gunjan also it takes us internally, and kirtan also it takes us internally, and shravan also it takes us internally, all the process but this is like internal visualization like Narottam das Thakur sang nitya-lila sukha-may, sadai sphuruk mora mane “. Mora mane, “mane” means in my mind always let the Nitya lila. Hridayate Radha krishna Sarvatra Sebibe.

Bhojan Lila

All the instructions are always pointing in that direction so Nitainam lekhan kind of takes us internally right from the beginning, right from the first time when we raise our finger and start writing Nitainam in front of our face in the air in big size. So the other things like writing on the surface and writing in the side in small way and all that are optional, are compromised. The main thing is to write in front of our face with close eyes or with open eyes in whatever we can and in big size, that’s the best, that’s the best way to mentally capture the syllable forms of Lord in 10 strokes of Nitainam.

Syllables of the Holy Name are more merciful than the Lord Himself

So going back to your question, yeah! Nam Shabda, it’s like I’ll give you an example of Ramayana that monkeys were saying Ram and they were throwing the stones but the stones were drowning but when they wrote the Ramnam on the stones then the stones started floating. So there is some beauty about the syllables. I mean, in some specific lilas we see, though the syllables and the sound are the same, in some specific lilas we see that the syllables reveal, I mean act faster. I mean like in the stone lila of the Monkeys you can see even. They say even Ram threw the stone and it drowned. So then Ram wrote the Ramnam, then it didn’t drown. So it’s like the syllables are more merciful than the Lord, and just like the sound.

name syllables of ram nam

The sound is also more, the Nam Shabda is also more merciful than the Lord. But the syllables have this unique thing. Because They’re like the original deity, it’s like the prasadam I would say. Prasadam, the quality of prasadam depends on where you get the money and who cooks with what consciousness while cooking and then offering with what consciousness, how much cleanliness is there and then serving with how much consciousness. So, these are the factors that depend on the quality of how much remembrance that prasadam will give you. Similarly the sound, Nam Shabda has these various degrees. You know of course more there’s degrees in Harinam but I mean even though Nitainam is totally transparent, totally open, accessible with no offenses the sound I mean. But still the original nature of this Nam Akshar and Nam Shabda it still perculates to Nitainam also. I mean in the sense that..Yeah. So Nam Shabda is more universal, it is for everybody and it gives bliss. It is either like a resonation with musical instruments like kirtan so that has even more effect than Japa. It is like you know shata..So, kirtanas tu. So it’s like Kirtan is the topmost itself.

Form of Powerful Manasik Smaran

And the thing is Nitainam Lekhan, since the ideal form of Nitainam Lekhan is to write in the air in big size right in front of us so that subconsciously we can visualize the syllables in front of us in big size so it pains the hand. I mean the hand cannot rest, even the elbow cannot rest anywhere. Because if it rests then it feels constricted. You know? We feel restricted in writing in the flow of each stroke is not there. Then always you will be thinking more of your elbow than the Nam syllables so most of the souls will not be able to do Nitainam Lekhan for more than 10 or 15 minutes daily. 5 minute or 10 minute intervals. So it’s a very powerful manasik smaran. And even 10-15 minutes of that is very much enough to kind of give the spurthis in the nam, japa, gunjan, kirtan, etc.

nitainam lekhan

Syllables of Holy Name is the original deity form of the Lord

So yeah Nitainam sound and syllables both are completely offenseless. The thing is what point I was trying to make is that the syllables, they are the original deity form of the Lord. The shape, the forms of the syllables, they… That form is original and it doesn’t depend on the recipient. Like the prasadam I said there are 6 different kinds of considerations. In the Holy name also there is also these types of considerations in the sound, what consciousness you take it and like that. Whereas the syllables are the syllables, whatever way you approach them, they are the syllables. But of course that can be compensated in the sound form if along with our sound vibration we hear the sound vibration which contains Nitai’s form and His pastimes or Gauranga’s form Radha Krishna’s form. So then it becomes equal.

Holy Names of Nityananda and Gauranga

That’s why this thing is like doing Gunjan together with the recording. That is like even japa you know many devotees do with Prabhupada’s chanting. Of course but it should go in sync. Not at two different speeds. So then that gunjan becomes also equally powerful. Even I myself do my Gunjan with my own recording because the remembrances which I got while recording, they kind of combine with the remembrances I’m getting while doing it and they both produce a double cumulative effect and then the gunjan becomes very very powerful. Whereas the syllables have this inherent nature because it’s silent.

Pure Sound Vibration

Nitainam lekhan is silent. We don’t even have to sing or chant. At one time we have focus on one thing and that’s the syllables. Multitasking is not there in our sadhana normally so the syllables are good. They are always self effulgent and the sound is always self effulgent. Nitai’s sound but still even though Nitai is merciful still there has to be a difference between somebody producing Nitai’s sound who is unaware of Nitai and finally somebody producing Nitai’s sound who is aware of Nitai’s position and finally somebody who is producing the sound who is a pure devotee, who’s there in Nam Rupa Guna Lila. So there are 3 different levels of the sound produced and there is a difference. Even though there is no difference but in syllables the beauty is there is none of this kind of difference.

Nitainam Lekhan is tapping (touching) Nitai. Then Nitainam Gunjan is calling out to Him

Because the syllables are the shapes, we are touching the syllables with our finger so it’s like Nitai can’t escape in His purest form. The sound is also, Nitai is always accessible to everyone and it’s always there for everyone but that higher transcendental concentration is also there in sound vibration. That sound vibration. Otherwise it would just, like you know, a normal person who says “Nitai,” then there would be no difference between the sound of a normal person who says Nitai and a self-realized soul who says Nitai. So that way, I hope I was able to convey my point. But like both are transcendental. And actually Gunjan is much more universal to, I mean much more easier to do. It’s like Kirtan, it is a Kirtan, it’s a call to the most merciful Lord. Doya Karo More Nitai. So that is Kirtan. Nitai. So that is a call and Nitainam Lekhan is a tap. This is a call and this is a tap. Tap is touching Nitai.

nitya lila through nitainam

Rocket to the Nitya Lila

Sparsha Seva Dhyan. SSD. Nowadays in computers they have SSD’s which are very very fast compared to the hard drives. So SSD is sparsha seva dhyan when you touch Nitai’s syllables it’s like a rocket to the Nitya lila. So thank you so much for listening to such a long (message).

Make Sound and the Form in the Syllables One While Chanting

nitāi ki nām eneche re (Nagara Kirtana Song 7 Sri Nama)
hari-nāmera mālā gānthi dila jane jane (Jaya Jaya Nityananda Rohini Kumara bhajan)

Surely I mean when you chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra you can meditate on Nitai’s syllables also, nam Sound Akshar. But just take care that the sound should not be neglected in the background. Just like we try to make the sound and the form of the Lord one, you can try to make the sound and the form in the syllables one with each other.

All Rasas and Lilas are in Nitainam

And Nitai’s syllables contain all the rasas and all the Lilas. No Lila is hidden, even in Madhurya, Radha Dasyam. Manjari’s Lila is also not hidden in Nitai’s Nam. I will prove it in the, I mean already we have provided a lot of proofs but I am writing an article on it as proofs from Acharyas and the scriptures. And as you know ‘इ’ is Yugal or Shyamsundar with the flute or Radharaman. You know Radharaman, Radharani is not there but the flute is there. So that’s Radharani is there just like when Nitai is there so Gauranga is there. So, like ‘इ’ you can meditate on any way. You can think of Radha and Krishna. ekatmanav api bhuvi pură deha-bhedam gatau tau caitanyākhyam prakatam adhuna tad-dvayam caikyam aptam rādhā-bhāva-dyuti-suvalitam naumi krsna-svarùpam (CC, 1.1.5)

radharaman in nitainam

So that way. And ता, ‘|’ is Gauranga. So He is standing next to Nitai with His plow. So yeah I mean like just like Nitai gave the Suddha Harinam, Nitainam Akshar will give you the Suddha Harinam. Just be attentive to the sound of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra also and try to make it one with the forms in the syllables. There is no difference Chaitanya Bhagavat says between Nitai and Krishna, Nitai and Gauranga, there is no difference between Nitainam and Gaurnam, Krishnanam. Those who make this difference, they are kalichelas according to Jaiva Dharma.

Meditation while Chanting Harinam

Yes absolutely, you can and you can even meditate on Nitai singing the Suddha Harinam. Chanting when you think of the syllables of Nitainam, then you can think of Nitai singing. Like Gaye Gaura Madhura Sware is a song where Gauranga is chanting Harinam all over Nadia, so Nitai is chanting Harinam through the most fallen places. So you can meditate on that.

nitai chanting harinam

And to receive Harinam from Gaura is like the right of the Acharyas like Bhaktivinoda Thakur. You know, Gaura Charane Poriya, Bhaktivinoda Charane Poriya. Harinam Mantra…So He is falling at the feet of Gauranga and taking the Harinam because He is the Acharya, he is the Suddha Bhakta and we fall at the feet of Nitai. Khoda Nitai and then we take Harinam and then we approach Gauranga and Radha Krishna. So it’s a perfect meditation of Nitainam Akshar. The forms in the Nitainam Akshar with the Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

Without doubt, Nitainam Lekhan, Nitainam Gunjan, and Nitai Lila Kirtan act as guaranteed and potent dampeners to the constant invasions of lust in our hearts. This is specifically because of the always merciful, forgiving, and non-discriminating nature of Lord Nitai.

Everything about Nitai unconditionally showers us with infinite happiness due to His overflowing mercy, thereby instantly extinguishing the burning sensations of lust, our biggest enemy, which is always pushing to sink us in the dumps of unending wickedness.

nitai mercy

Unlike these three liberal forms of Nitaibhakti, every kind of worship related to Radha Krishna minutely considers each one of our lusty fall downs and administers the proportionate punishments and reactions for each (krishna nam kare aparadhera vichar), due to the high standards of purity expected.

Lord Gaura externally abandoned His own associates in Navadvipa, Chota Haridasa, etc. and Lord Krishna apparently left the Gopis, etc. for no mistake of theirs. Though Lord Gaura Krishna wanted to make them relish vipralambha-bhava, this externally appeared so merciless, as said by the Gopis Themselves and by Nitai Himself, who broke His danda to complain against it. Whereas, Lord Nitai always reaches out to even those who are envious of Him and never leaves them ever.

Nitai returned back to Bengal sacrifcing the supreme bliss of being with His own Brother just to be with and deliver the most abominable souls. He tricked Gaura against His own will to bring Him back to Shantipura to meet His mother Shachimata and and all Navadvipa-vasis for the last time. Nitai was the one who cared for them externally and made all attempts to reduce the limitless pain of separation they were feeling.

In fact, in all His forms, Lord Nitai, Lord Balarama, and Lord Lakshmana externally disagreed with Lord Gaura, Lord Krishna, and Lord Rama for deserting the Navadvipa-vasis, Vraja-vasis, and Sita devi respectively for no reason, and did not approve of such external strictness of His Brother. And Lord Gaura Krishna is extremely pleased to see this more merciful nature of His brother Lord Nitai and wants us to glorify Him by giving credit credit where it is due.

nitai forgives and gives mercy

What more proof do you need? Henceforward, please have no doubt that Lord Nitai is the most merciful amongst all the original forms of God. And that Nitainam Lekhan, Nitainam Gunjan, and Nitai Lila Kirtan are the fastest paths to Shuddha Harinam and Gaur Radha Krishna Prema-bhakti.

Q 1. Why do we get blissful goosebumps instantly in Nitainam Lekhan and not immediately in Japa, Kirtan, Gunjan & Shravan?

A. We directly touch the Lord’s original Vraja form of the Namakshars in Nitainam Lekhan, irrespective of our condition. In the sadhanas of Namshabda, we need to hear the pure sounds of a rasika devotee, since our own sounds may not be so pure.

Q 2. Why does doing Nitainam Lekhan drown us in Smaran when we do Kirtan, Japa, etc?

A. Manasik (mental) seva is much more powerful. During the Nitainam Lekhan visual-ization, the divine syllables of Nam and Forms become One mentally. So in Lekhan, we touch & serve the Forms so deep within us. This internal sparsh-seva-dhyan arouses the most vivid Smaran in our Kirtan, Japa, Gunjan, Sravan.

Q 3. How does Nitainam Lekhan end all our offenses, which don’t go by other sadhanas?

A. The direct touch of Nam & hence the Nami in Nitainam Lekhan fully melts away the curtain between the soul and Shuddha Nam, Lila & Bhakti.
Our fault-finding ego-finger becomes the very cause of our purification & total freedom from Vaisnava-aparadha, due to the direct touch of Nitai. nitai sparshe ninda hai kshay.

Q 4. Why does doing Nitainam Lekhan give us new visions, hope & enthusiasm for seva?

A. Nitai is Sevak Bhagwan, so He is personification of Gaura Krishna Seva & Jiva Uddhar. So by directly touching Him (Nitainam) mentally with the help of our index finger, a tiny drop of these qualities of His flows into us. SP compared it to touching an infinite power-house and being electrified. Avesh of Nitai within us is felt.

Q 5. Why can Nitainam Lekhan be done in a silent place or if we are tired to speak/listen?

A. We approach the Shabda form of the Lord by Japa, Kirtan, Gunjan, Shravan, etc. which requires us to chant, sing, hum, or listen to sound. We approach the Akshar form of the Lord by mentally visual-izing it while silently writing it in the air in front of our face in big size by our index finger. So Lekhan is silent Smaran.

Transcription Service done by Nitaibhikshu das.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. Beautiful explanation about Nitai Lekhan and Nitai Gunjan. I too want to share something about my experience regarding both of them.
    1) Nitai Lekhan( निताइ ) syllables are in exact same form written on the throne of Nitai in Goloka. So they are the purest deity form of Nitai in this material creation. Infact they are Nitai themselves from Ekchakra in this material world.
    2) Nitai Lekhan is somewhat a secret, close and intimate relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev has said it gives you glimpses of deep pastimes of the Lord. And Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev very rightly said that Nitai Lekhan is tap which flows spontaneously and Nitai Gunjan is a call which need voluntary action. Jay Nitai!!! Hare Krishna!!!! Jay Guruvarga!!!!

    • So beautifully summarized dear Krishna Kund das. Only you can do that.

    • Dandvats Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev. I repeat like a parrot what I hear from you and add my experiences what I get by serving your Lotus feet.

  2. Whatever I get mataji is the mercy of Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev and all devotees like you. I just grab hold of every word what Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev says about Nitai. And then I just repeat like a parrot. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Thank you so much for this elaborate commentary on the two principal manifestations of Nam: Shabda and Akshar and their differences and potencies. What a deep deep understanding you have of Nam tattva Gurudev! Mind blowing. If you did not reveal it, the most powerful, merciful and nectarean syllables of the Lord’s name would remain a secret and be lost. I feel this is your most unique and outstanding contribution to our Sampradaya because some previous acharyas stressed on Nitainam but no one emphasized the syllables very much, that honor goes only to you Gurudev

  4. This is just an amazing eye(soul) opening revelation dear Gurudev

    The essence of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and pure Krishna Bhakti is presented in these two answers with sastric proof. Very lucidly presented.

    Didn’t actually realize the supreme glories and mercy of Nitai nam akshar until now.

    Joy Nitai nam lekhan and gunjan.

    Joy Joy Gurudev 🙏🙏. Only a Nitai empowered personality can present these divine secrets to the world. It is right fully said that even a single pure Nitaibhakt like dear Gurudev carries a potency to deliver the whole universe.

    • I felt this too Prabhuji. Gurudev enforced our Nitaibhakti so much by properly explaining Nitainam Lekhan and Gunjan to us. This is the only Sanga where the Nam is literally the “House Deity.”

    • Yes dear Prabhuji
      Nitai nam akshar written on Lord Nitai throne. Amazing!!!
      Can’t believe my fortune to get to know them through Gurudev mercy.

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