Hari Nam to Lila

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Hari Nam to Lila

Sri Harinama Chintamani, Chapter 15 – Bhajan Pranali. Verse number 42.

nāma-nāmī eka tattva viśvāsa kariyā |
daśa aparādha chāḍi nirjane basiyā ||42||

Have faith that the name and the Lord are one. Having this strong faith and leaving all the ten offenses, sit in a solitary place to chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Then when you start chanting in the solitary place, what happens?

ati svalpa dine nāma ha-iyā sadaya |
śrī-śyāmasundara-rūpe hayena udaya ||43||

In very very few days, “ati” means very, extremely and “swalpa” means very few, “dina” means days. Nam will become merciful on you and It will reveal to you the form of Sri Shyamsundar, none other than the Lord Himself. And it will arise in your heart.

nitai will reveal shyamasundar

yabe nāma-rūpe aikya hayata sādhane |
nāma laite rūpa āise citte sarva-kṣaṇe ||44||

This is the direct benefit. That every moment when you take the name “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” then the form will remain in your consciousness 24×7, all the time when you chant. That is the sadhana where Nam and Rupa become one, then always the form will arise while chanting the holy name.

tāra kichu dine rūpe guṇa kari yoga |
śrī-nāma smaraṇe guṇa karaya sambhoga ||45||

Then after another few days, the sixty-four divine qualities of Lord Shyamsundar will manifest in the name and they will become, they will exude from the form which is already established within your heart while chanting the holy name. It is the “sambhog,” sambhog meaning the union of the name, form and qualities.

svalpa-dine nāma rūpa guṇa eka haya |
nāma laite sarva-kṣaṇe tinera udaya ||46||

All the three: the Nam, form and qualities; they arise in another few days. They all become one. So they arise and what is this called?

mahamantra visions

upāsanā mantra dhyāna mayī mantra dhyāna mayī ei nāma upāsanā |
prāthamika dhārā jāni kare vibhāvanā ||47||

So this is known as Mantra Dhyanmayi Upasana. Simply hearing the name is not mantra dhyanmayi. Mantra dhyan means the form and then the qualities of Lord Krishna’s, of Shyamsundar, should arise in the name. And there’s a prarthmic dhara, means the preliminary stage is the name. From name is the form; from form is the qualities. So this is how the remembrance, this is the meditation, the vision which we should develop which comes automatically while chanting Harinam. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna like that.

smṛti kāle yoga pīṭhe kalpa-druma-tale |
gopa-gopī-vṛte kṛṣṇe dekhe kutūhale ||48||

Then when one becomes fixed in mantra dhyanmayi upasana. The name, form and qualities of Shyamsundar have become one in Harinam, then suddenly remembrance of the Yogapith will appear of Sri Sri Radha Govindadev. And one will see the gopas and the cowherd boys and the cowherd girls surrounding Krishna. And Krishna smiling and talking with them and His beautiful activities. So His activities only come when name and form and qualities become one with the holy name. Just like when we are watching a train from far. First we see the light, then we see the bogies, then we see the people inside. Similarly Nam is that light. Then the form is like the engine in the bogies. Then the qualities are like the windows, the internal activity. And then the pastimes, what they are doing. So that sort of perception comes by Nam Sadhana. And Mantra Dhyan Mayi, after seeing this Yogapith, what does one realize?

sāttvika-vikāra saba haya prasphuṭita |
bhajana ānande bhakta haya pulakita ||49||

When a devotee in his heart or her heart is seeing the Yogapith, these pastimes have appeared, then the sattvic bhav appears in his body and it blossoms in his body or her body. And bhajananande, the happiness of bhajan in the bhakta becomes ‘pulikit,’ astonished.


krame yabe nāma sva-saurabhe praphullita |
aṣṭa-kāla kṛṣṇa-līlā ha-ibe udita ||50||

And then when the Nam, the fragrance has completely blossomed in the form of the Nama, Rupa, Guna and the Yogapith in mantra dhyan mayi, then the Ashta Kaliya Lila finally manifests. That’s Swarasiki upasana.

Transcription Service done by Nitaibhikshu das.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. This video so perfectly explains what all devotees or aspiring devotees are ultimately striving for..🙏..

  2. Wow what an amazing video. This is one of the best videos or perhaps the best. Beautiful pictures of RadhaKrishna and then attentive, soothing and serene commentary by Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev is just ultimate. Feels as if Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev is sitting right infront of us. Jay Nitai!!! Hare Krishna!!!! Jay Guruvarga!!!!!

  3. Jai Jai Gurudeva..Thank you so much for recording this most beautiful video..This is indeed pure nectar emnating from the lotus mouth of a pure devotee !!Those r indeed mahabhagyavan who keeps associating such Mahabhagvat with 100% faith !!

  4. Very soothing and heart-touching. Jaya Nitai! Jaya Harinam! Jaya Thakura Haridas! Jaya Thakura Bhaktivinoda! Jaya Gurudeva!

  5. What hope is there – “Leaving aside the 10 offenses” – key to realization here – can’t leave aside the apparadhs – they are part of “my life”. What hope is there? Only Nitai only Nitai. For a “serial apparadhi” like me the only one who will be merciful, and has been even a small degree, is our Lord Nitai. Oh Nitai when will you give me love for You – When will you engage me in Your eternal trancendental loving service

  6. The mantra dhyan mayi video is absolutely brilliant. The sound vibration is so soul touching, I could instantly feel an upliftment by the power of vani. Thank you so much dear Gurudev for recording the katha. I really needed this strong dose, in reverence of how your pure vani can catch the consciousness and purify it. The Harinam chintamani kathas have always been inspiring for us, they encourage us to become sincere 🙏 Dandavat pranam to your lotus feet. Joy Nitai!

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