Why am I a Nitaibhakta?

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Volume 1

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta NOT because I want only Nitai, but because I want Nitai Gauranga and Radha Krishna only through Nitai, as out of the four of Them only Nitai will even consider of giving Them to a fallen unqualified soul like me.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta not because my beloved munificent Gauranga (Krishna in Karunamayi Radha’s bhava) is not merciful, but because my Nitai is even more liberal than Gauranga in distributing Their mercy to unqualified souls like me.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta not because I am minimizing or leaving Gauranga in any way, but because Gauranga Himself said that the love we have for His beloved Nitai is actually the love we have for Him, not the love we have for Him directly (mad bhaktanam cha ye bhaktah).

⬤ As stated in the scriptures, worship of my devotee (Nitai) is higher than My own (Gauranga) worship, since it is only Nitai who comes to the rescue of those hopelessly lost souls rejected by Gauranga Radha Krishna due to their offenses. Nitai independently gives them pure love without being scared of His younger brother Gauranga. Gauranga is then forced to give His mercy to those souls too because Nitai has already accepted them, just like in the cases of Jagai and Madhai, the pretender sannyasi, etc.

jagai madhai

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta not because I don’t want to attain Gauranga Radha Krishna, but because Nitai is my only hope and way to attaining Them in my fallen condition.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because just as one sees Radha Krishna in the real Vraja by Gauranga’s mercy by visiting or residing in Navadvipa, one will see both Gauranga and Radha Krishna in the real Navadvipa and Vraja by Nitai’s mercy, by visting or residing in Ekachakra, like the Pandavas did.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta simply because Nitainam reveals to unqualified souls many more raganuga bhakti secrets and realizations than Gauranga Radha Krishna nam does in the conditioned stage.

⬤ Yes, I am a Nitaibhakta because there is still hope of deliverance of the offensive souls in this ghastly Kaliyuga, only and only because of our Doyal Nitai.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Gauranga will save a ill-fated gone case like me if and only if Nitai will accept me first.

nitai Gauranga chanting and kirtan

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because how can I ever give second priority to my Lord Nitai who gave me Radha Krishna, even when Lord Gauranga had given up on me. He saved me when I needed it the most when no one else cared for me. So He remains my first and foremost Lord eternally.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I can’t be ungrateful to my only Master who really cared to lift me from my worst abominable state and bring me closer to the highest manjari bhava, at a time when Gauranga Radha Krishna saw no possibility of any chance for me to attain it.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Nitai causelessly gave me His Ananga manjari’s shelter in Radha Kund even though I did not have the slightest inclination to even aspire for it.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I instantly realize and see Nitai Gauranga and Radha Krishna with my inner eyes simply when I write निताइ in big size, without having to do anything else.

nitainam lekhan

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because it is only Nitainam which cools my burning heart and makes me see a ray of hope for relishing Gaura Radha Krishna Nam.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I could understand Gauranga Radha Krishna’s Names only because of resonating, writing, and singing Nitai’s name.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I am so fallen and sunk deep down in the bottomless pit of my desires that Gauranga Radha Krishna did not find me worthy of being lifted up directly by Them but instead sent magnanimous Nitai to save me.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I see instant joy, love, and peace in the eyes of even those who resonate, sing, or write the more accessible Nitai’s name even for the first time, more than for the names of Gauranga and Radha Krishna.

⬤ If Nitai allows, I will write and publish a series of books entitled “Why I am a Nitaibhakta?” which will give deep insights into my realizations and the essence of my teachings.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because it was only Nitai who awarded me and empowered me for to tell about Nitainam as the most confidential shortcut in Kaliyuga to attain pure love for Nitai Gauranga, Hari nam, and for Radha Krishna.

nitai gives Gauranga radha krishna

Volume 2

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Nitai Himself personally came to my door to save me, whereas Gauranga Radha Krishna were waiting for me to go to Their door, which I couldn’t due to my reluctance for bhakti.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Nitai forgives my unforgivable and blatently offensive transgressions effortlessly, which would normally make Gauranga Radha Krishna reject me for eternity. Nitai instantly makes me the highest from my lowest position.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because without Nitai I am more tiny than a dwarf trying to do the impossible act of touching the moons of Gauranga Radha Krishna.

Gauranga lila

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I see my beloved Gauranga Radha Krishna in my Nitai only. Nitai compassionately appears to me in my heart in whatever form I desire without hesitation.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I have realized in the core of my heart in Ekachakra that in my abominable condition it is only Nitai who actually cares for me like a mother who cares for her child no matter what.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I truly feel and receive qualification for the causeless mercy of Gauranga, who is Krishna in Radha’s munificent bhava, only when Nitai awards it to me. Nitai’s touch makes that benevolent mercy of Gauranga Radha Krishna into something stupendously magnanimous.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I truly say that my heart is so hardened by my heinous offenses and anarthas that I don’t feel anything when I chant Gauranga Radha Krishna’s name. But my heart melts like butter and tears swell in my eyes when I take shelter of Nitai’s name. Without doubt, this is simply the liberal nature of Nitai, of the sound of His name, of the sanskrit syllables of His name, of His dham, of His pastimes, and of His associates.

nitai bhakti and lekhan

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I have finally found the limit of causeless compassion in my Praneshwar Nitai whose hobby is to Himself search for souls to award Gauranga Radha Krishna to them, without their asking for it or even without their interest to attain Them.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because in my present condition I am running away very fast from Gauranga Radha Krishna, due to my unforgivably offensive nature at every moment. I can see that Nitai is the only Lord who is running faster than me to actually catch me and bring me back to Their shelter.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because after Gaura’s indication Nitai nonchalantly and causelessly appeared in my heart in just one night in Ekachakra, gave me staunch faith in Him, and showed me everything, even though I actually could not do even a single small thing to please Him due to my constantly offensive nature.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I simply shudder at the thought about where I would be without Nitai’s compassion on me, by sending our acharyas to save me, and by revealing Gaura tattva in this unqualified age. Without my Nitai, probably, I would have been in the worst of all hells and then an aquatic bacteria lost forever.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I would be the most ungrateful wretch in the whole of creation if I don’t give credit to my Nitai for causelessly awarding me residence Radha Kund and Ekachakra, even though I am still a gross misfit for that.

nitai gives radhakund vas

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Prahlad prayed for the service of His gurudev Narada even before the Lord’s service, because Narada saved Him even when the Lord did’nt. In my case, Nitai is my ultimate guru and He happens to be the Supreme Lord too. So I too want Nitai’s bhaktimaya service before Gauranga Radha Krishna’s service, as only Nitai thought of me in my fallen condition.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I feel an unique and overwhelming happiness in the association of just a few Nitai bhaktas then in the association of millions of other souls.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because whatever I am is only due to Nitai. Everything I think and do and whatever happens in my life, is due to Nitai’s causeless mercy upon me.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because only Nitai’s devotees come to lift me up in my utterly ill-fated situation leading to certain ruination, and only they are empowered, allowed, and ordered to save me by Nitai Himself.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Nitai purchased me as a servant of His lotus feet by conferring on an absolute hopeless case like me the unimaginable treasures of Nitai Gauranga and Radha Krishna lilas.

Radha Dasyam By Nitainam 2

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I am a selfish, self-centered, egotist, and duplicitous wretch with ulterior motives, and NO ONE, trust me NO ONE, would even consider saving me, except my beloved Lord and eternal Master NITAI!

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I aspire for only one thing in existence which is to grasp and truly realize even a drop of the limit of Nitai’s magnanimous mercy, which is the only way to factually understand Gauranga Radha Krishna.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even in my fallen stage Nitai instructs our acharyas to inspire me to write like a poet to glorify Him. Oh Nitai, You use even a rock like me to glorify You. Please use me as Your menial instrument eternally!

Volume 3

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even though Nitai is very pleased by chanting His Lord Gauranga’s name, the essential characteristic of Nitai’s name, which can never be changed, is that Nitainam is more forgiving and causelessly merciful on everyone, even more so than Gauranga nam, because Nitai nam personifies all the divine liberal qualities of Nitai Himself and it includes Gaura Radha Krishna in the most accessible Forms.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because as Nitai is pleased when we chant Gauranga’s name, Gauranga is even more pleased when we chant Nitai’s name. And then He awards us any rasa we want. Just like I eternally beg to Krishna to give me Radha’s service, I constantly beg to Gauranga to give me Nitai’s service.

Krishna gives radha seva

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because when I remember Nitai while humming, airwriting or singing His Name and Pastimes, I realize that Nitai has instantly forgiven my countless unforgivable offenses and made me qualified for Gauranga Radha Krishna prema, which no other form of Lord will ever think of doing, which is to uplift the most fallen into the most advanced, without our deserving it.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because only Nitai’s benevolent pastimes melt my heart which is harder than stone.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because only Nitai’s magnanimous abode of Ekachakra appears before my dead, painted, and unqualified eyes in it’s true eternal glory, when no other abode would even consider appearing before me.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even the heart of the most degraded person in this universe will instantly jump in joy by hearing the causelessly merciful pastimes of Nitai and His eternal associates.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even in Ram lila, Lakshman was much more merciful than His brother Ram. Due to His softest heart, Lakshman refused to do what Ram wanted, which was to heartlessly leave mother Sita in the forest forever.

nita is lakshman

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because it was Lakshman who courageously chose to fight Indrajit first and neutralize His undefeatable shakti weapon, so that Ram would not have to deal with it.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Lakshman saved those whom Ram rejected, Balarama accepted those whom Krishna rejected, and Nitai gave prema to those whom Gauranga rejected, even if Nitai had to apparently disobey Gauranga externally to do that. How can I not one-pointedly worship a Lord who takes so much risk for me?

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because I am indeed much worse than the offender Duryodhana who plotted to kill the Pandavas, Lord Krishna’s pure devotees, so many times. And it was only our merciful Balarama who accepted such a gross offender of Vaishnavas as His own disciple, gave His association to him, and trained him personally. Krishna rejected Duryodhana but Balarama accepted him. This proves that Nitai is always more merciful than Gauranga in all Their incarnations.

balaram accepted duryodhan

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even a heinous unforgivable vaishnav aparadhi like Duryodhana, could compose the highest 1000 names of Lord Balarama found in Garga Samhita, by His causeless mercy. And in His Nitai form in Kaliyuga, He is even more merciful than His Balarama form in Dvapara yuga. This proves that even vaishnava aparadha, which has no atonement in all the Vedic scriptures, is totally eliminated by by Nitainam, Nitai Lila, and by going to Ekachakra.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even as Balarama, He did not participate in the battle of Kurukshetra, because He believed in delivering the demons by changing their hearts rather than killing them. This is why as Nitai also He stopped Gauranga from killing Jagai and Madhai, even though They made Him bleed, because it remains His fundamental principle to save the most fallen sinners like us and make us dance in prema, not to deliver them by killing them like His brother may want sometimes.

nitai gives love of god

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because there is no heinous offense which the most sinful person in this creation can ever commit in the past, present, and future, which is not forgiven by Nitainam, Nitai Lila and Nitaidham.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because Nitai’s supremely positive holy name is directly the most powerful enemy (antithesis) of all our offenses, anarthas, sins, and wrong desires. Nitainam’s only business is to uproot and annihilate them once and for all.

⬤ I am a Nitaibhakta because even though all other holy names of God give their full results only when they are chanted after receiving them by initiation from a realized guru, Nitai’s magnanimous name causelessly and quickly awards all the results possible in creation simply by hearing, humming, singing, or writing it in the air.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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9 thoughts on “Why am I a Nitaibhakta?

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  1. Joy Nitai! Superb! Nothing remains to explore as a proof for doing Nitaibhakti exclusively. These reasons prove that Nitaibhakti is not a bit different from Gaura Krishna’s devotional service. Nitaibhakti is THE service to Gaura Radha Krishna in our fallen condition. It is awarded only by the greatest servant of Gaura Krishna, by the greatest Adi Guru Nitai, who is Himself Bhagwan and Parambhakta both! Nitai Nitai Nitai! JAY HO!

  2. Waah what an unprecedented, full blown glorification of Nitai and His Bhakti. You fully poured out your bhaav, mood, bliss and realizations into this post. One’s heart just melts reading how much love and gratitude you have for Nitai

  3. Well Maharaj – I’m certainly glad you are a Nitaibhakta, because if it was not for you presenting to the world your experiences and realizations of Nitai and Nitaibhakti – I’d still be struggling, and hopelessly trying to attain Gauranga / Radha Krishna without knowing that it’s an impossible task for an offensive soul like me, without getting Nitai’s mercy first. HariHari!!

  4. Such beautiful and heart-warming glorification of Nitai. It can only come from Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev. I can imagine the happiness it would have given to Srila Gurudev even just penning down these thoughts. Our Nitai is so merciful that even if one starts writing about HIM(NITAI), his/her conciousness gets cleaned and gets blessed the moment they bring the thought of writing the glories of NITAI. Jay NITAI. HARE KRISHNA!!! JAY Guruvarga!!!!

  5. One thing is sure that all are conditioned in this world n bounded by the three modes of material nature. Infact in kaliyuga almost all are shudra as per Srimad Bhagvatam.We are unable to manitain the standards of purity and surrender what Gaura Radha Krishna expect from us and it is almost impossible in fallen stage. This is the fact about our poor n fallen stage. You have mercifully explained soo many perfect points in boldly declaring ourselves as Nitaibhaktas. You have very beautifully explained the purpose of exclusive Nitaibhaktas that we are not leaving Gaura Radha Krishna but seriously and sincerely folllowing the authentic way of attaining Them. So many Acharyas also did the same procedures like Srila Lochan das Thakura, Srila Vrindavana das Thakura, Srila Narottam das Thakura, and many more !!

    Thus we are undoubtedly following the exact recommended and authentic way by following the footsteps of Mahajanas!!T his most potent article will surely help to remove many confusions that arises in exclusive Nitai’s worship and to build the firm faith for tightly holding the moon-like sheetal lotus feet of Doyal Nitai and the value of Nitaibhakti which indeed crunches the thirsts of soul for peace and bliss and finally brings the soul the desired satisfaction to end the struggle from time immemorial. Thank you. Thank you sooo much for writing this elaborate article to develop our faith by making it more deeper and stronger towards the one pointed bhakti of Doyal Nitai to attain Gaura Radha Krishna.

  6. Joy Nitai
    Dandavat pranams to Srila Gurudev

    Amazing lecture with scriptural proofs. An absolute masterpiece!!All glories to Srila Gurudev.

    I am a Nitaibhakta (actually aspiring to be one) because my dear Gurudev told me to do so. I have an absolute faith in his vani. His effulgent lotus feet are the life of my soul. May this faith never ever be diminished. Simplicity, humbleness and faith combine to make the necessary ingredients for success in Nitaibhakti. I am extremely fortunate to have an association of such an amazing personality in this life. I definitely didn’t do anything worthwhile to deserve it. It is only due to ahaituki kripa of dear Gurudev on this fallen. Thanks dear Gurudev for mercifully sharing these divine secrets. Aapki Jaya ho 🙏🙏

  7. Joy Nitai ! Dandvat pranams Srila Gurudev.. All glories to Guruparampara

    These pointers are the perfect answers for questions asked by people on the worship, chanting, kirtan, remembrance of Nitai naam, Nitai, Nitai dham, Nitai lila. This could only come from you dear Gurudev who is a Nitaimoy himself. These realizations of yours remove the darkness of doubt and illuminate the faith in Nitai bhakti and the real purpose of Nitaibhakti.

  8. Absolutely convinced even further that Nitaibhakti is the sureshot approach for all fallen souls.

    Even my Harinam is aimed one pointedly towards Amar Nitai now after properly understanding what has been said. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are going to succeed in achieving your goal because Nitai will not abandon a person who approaches Him (what to speak of approaching Him exclusively?).

    Even when offering to Gaura Nitai, it is only because of Nitai being there that Gaura takes our offering. My unlimited obeisances to You Srila Gurudev, without Your perfect explanations and kathas, I would not have properly understood or appreciated Nitaichandji.

  9. Today’s quotes and realizations are really very inspiring. You lead by your example dear Gurudev. Thank you very much for writing your personal realizations.

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