I Will Not Go Where My Nitai is Not There

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⬤ Srila Lochana dasa Thakura sings, “je deshe mora nitai nahi, se deshe an jabo”. What does it actually mean? I will attempt to shed some light on this by his causeless mercy.

⬤ Since Nitai is the most merciful Lord in the whole creation granting us all our wishes, it is utterly ungrateful, if not blasphemous, to live our lives without Him. We owe everything to Him, including our very existence. Nitai should be the focal point and center of every culture and settlement on earth. Then every soul will become truly happy forever.

⬤ He does not want to go to such a place where Nitai is not known, even if it may be materially very advanced. This is because if we don’t give Nitai the due credit for what we are and for all what we can do, all our activities become useless.

⬤ Gaura Radha Krishna do not directly involve Themselves with our day-to-day ups and downs as They are absorbed in Their eternal pastimes. It is only Nitai who does that. So neglecting Nitai is most inauspicious for us individually and also collectively for the whole world.

⬤ Trying to approach Gaura Radha Krishna directly without Nitai means to blatantly refuse to accept the only via medium of Nitai, which They have sent for us to reach Them. At the same time, Nitaibhakti is also our goal to ensure that we keep on pleasing Them for all eternity.

Radha Dasyam By Nitainam 6

⬤ By looking at or associating with people or things who reject or minimise Nitai, or are ignorant about Him, the same rebellious seed of dissent is subtly planted in our hearts. And then we become doomed for all eternity to never attain Gaura Radha Krishna. The Lord can tolerate doubts about Himself but never about His greatest servitor and devotee Nitai.

⬤ Nitai is in everyone’s heart as the Supersoul. He is even inside the empty space in every atom. He is literally everywhere. So those people or places which are ignorant of this simple truth are literally like crematoriums.

⬤ Nitai is the very life and origin of our lives. Without Him, our lives have no meaning. Even if they may know it or not, everyone’s goal is to eventually be with Nitai in the spiritual world, which is the real home for our soul. Those who don’t remember Him even once a day are disregarding the very source of their own existence.


⬤ We cannot blame Srila Lochana dasa Thakur for saying this. It is but natural to feel disappointed with those who do not want to even acknowledge the infinite gifts which Nitai is giving each and every soul at every moment.

⬤ Srila Lochana dasa Thakur wants us to associate with Nitaibhaktas or to practice our bhajan alone, rather than hear the belittling of our beloved Doyal Nitai. That does not mean we have to leave the place where we are staying or not to go to other such places. A possible solution is to create the association of Nitaibhaktas in our localities ourselves, if it is non-existent. And then associate with them and blissfully sing Nitai’s glories together.

जय निताइ! हरे कृष्ण! Jai Guruvarga.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. Brilliant composition on the most meaningful song sung by Shrila Lochandas Thakura..U have saved us n millions will b saved just in one life if they can put 100% faith in the worship of Doyal Nitai which is mercifully explained by U n our many magnanimous bonafide Acharyas like Shrila Narottamdas Thakura, Shrila Vrundavandas Thakura, Shrila Lochandas Thakura n many more.. All glories to U.. All glories to Shri Parampara..

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