Whom does Nitai reject?

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na bhaje chaitanya jabe, mora bhaje, gaya;
more dukhe seho janma janma dukha paya.

⬤ Lord Nitai tells Madhai, “If one worships Me with devotion and sings My glories but does not worship Gaura with devotion, then he or she will suffer life after life due to making Me unhappy.”

“na bhaje chaitanya”

⬤ Clearly, the words “na bhaje chaitanya” in the above verse specifically refer to those who don’t accept Lord Gaura at all as the Supreme Personality of Godhead and thus reject His Bhakti, while accepting only Lord Nitai as the Supreme Lord.

⬤ It never refers to those who do Gaura Bhakti (bhaje chaitanya) through Nitaibhakti by accepting Lord Gaura as the Master of Their Master Lord Nitai, just like Srila Vrindavana dasa Thakura himself.

Amara Prabhura Prabhu

⬤ It never refers to those who accept and worship Lord Gaura as the Supreme Lord while choosing to approach Gaura Bhakti through the all-forgiving and all-accessible Bhakti of His beloved brother, topmost devotee and guru Lord Nitai (Adi Purana: mad bhaktanam cha ye bhaktah, te me bhaktatamah matah).

This verse was spoken by Lord Nitai to warn us about some specific apasampradayas in Bengal who accept and worship Lord Nitai only as the Supreme Lord while minimising, blaspheming, and rejecting Lord Gaura as an ordinary personality who made “mistakes”. One proof of this is that some souls did this same discrimination and rejection with Lord Advaita Acharya and Lord Gaura too, for example Lord Advaita’s own last three sons. They accepted Lord Advaita but criticised Lord Gaura. So Lord Advaita had no other choice but to disown and reject them. This is exactly the same thing about which Lord Nitai is telling Madhai in the above verse.

⬤ It is such blasphemy and total rejection of Lord Gaura which causes great distress to Lord Nitai, and thus He rejects these offenders even if they accept and worship Him. This is called ardha-kukkuti-nyaya, or accepting only half of a hen and rejecting the other half. Let us not maliciously apply this nyaya to the genuine Nitaibhakti practice of Srila Vrindavana das Thakur and his follower Nitaibhaktas like us, who accept and worship Lord Gaura as the Supreme Personality of Godhead simultaneously. At the same time, accepting Lord Gaura as the Supreme Lord does not mean that Lord Nitai can’t be worshiped individually for attaining qualification for Gaura Radha Krishna Bhakti and Harinam Siddhi.

⬤ King Prataprudra, Chota Haridas, Raghunath das Goswami, Vrindavana das Thakur and so many other intimate associates would not dare to directly talk to Lord Gaura most of the time. They would convey their questions and prayers to Lord Gaura only through Lord Nitai and others. Does that mean that they were not worshiping Gaura?

⬤ Are those millions of associates who serve Lord Nitai exclusively in Nitai’s own Yogapeeth with Jahnava and Vasudha without participating in Gaura Lila in Srivasa Angana, or those countless cowherd friends of Nitai who do not know anything except Nitai (CC 1.11.37: nityānanda-candra vinu nahi jāne āna, CC 1.11.47: nityānanda-pada vinu nāhi jāne āna) not worshiping Lord Gaura through this one-pointed Nitaibhakti of theirs? Of course they are, because Nitai is accepting their worship and not rejecting them. In the above verse, He is only talking about rejecting those who may worship Him but reject His brother Gaura totally. It is not at all about those who want to do Gaura Bhakti through Nitaibhakti, like us Nitaibhaktas.

⬤ Nitai delivered countless lost souls like the drunkards, prostitute-hunters, thieves, vagabonds, worst sinners, chandalas, etc. by personally going to each one of them in Bengal. Remmeber Lord Gaura was not with Him externally at this time. So these souls saw only Nitai and surrendered to Him. They never knew about Lord Gaura in the beginning and never met Him directly. But they were not rejected by Nitai just because they did not know about Gaura initially. Instead they were actually embraced by Him and granted Gaura Bhakti and Harinam Siddhi. So the above verse is specifically about those who deliberately and totally reject Lord Gaura while accepting Lord Nitai.

⬤ Does it mean that these newly delivered souls did not worship Lord Gaura by surrendering to Lord Nitai? Not at all. They worshiped the form of Lord Nitai, which is the divine playground of Lord Gaura at every moment. They saw the form of the Master of their Master Lord Gaura in the form of their own Master Lord Nitai. Thus, Nitaibhakti includes Gaura Bhakti. Besides we Nitaibhaktas practice direct Gaura Bhakti also along with our Harinam, by daily singing the 100 Full Lila Names of Lord Gaura sung by Lord Nitai in Navadvipa and by daily hearing or singing Gauranam, Gaura Lila, or Nitai Gauranga Namkirtan.

Nitai Gaura Embrace

⬤ The Radha-palya-dasi manjaris in Vraja always take the side of Radha when She has a fight with Krishna. They worship Radha exclusively, desiring Krishna’s service only when He makes Radha happy. They chastise Krishna if He apparently gives pain to Radha. Won’t it be extremely offensive to say that all these manjaris don’t worship Krishna, just because of this mood of theirs of approaching Krishna only through the service and glorification of their own Swamini Radha?

Lila Dana Keli Pastime


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. very glad you decided to “pick” on this verse Maharaj -“na bhaje chaitanya jabe, mora bhaje, gaya;
    more dukhe seho janma janma dukha paya.”. You’ve put it all in perspective, and explained the implications very clearly and precisely. I’ve had a few people bring out this verse as well, so I’m glad that you have done a “thing” on it.

  2. Joy Nitai
    Dandavat pranams to dear Gurudev and all the Nitaibhakts

    Amazing shastric analysis!!

    All doubts should be cleared by this. Nitaibhakti is all inclusive of Gauranga Bhakti. If Nitai or Nitaibhakts accept you; you are golden. Otherwise no chance without Nitaibhakti. Lord Gauranga resides in the body of Doyal Nitai and only does what Lord Nityananda asks Him to do. Pretty simple and straightforward. Faith is all that is needed. Please go ahead with Nitaibhakti. There is nothing to lose.

    Nitaaaaaii Ji Maharaj!!
    Doya karo 🙏🙏🙏

  3. I was thinking of this verse from last few days.. You have wonderfully presented it. It is very clear that in no way Nitai is displeased with Nitaibhakti. 🙏🙏🙏

  4. Thank U somuch dear Gurudeva for explaining in depth the actual meaning of this highly potent verse..This surely removes big confusion..It is very good to put perfect n meaningful divine words of Mahabhagvat Shrila Vrindavandas Thakura: “amara prabhura prabhu GauraSundar”. Surely we all Nitaibhaktas accepts Gaura Krishna as Supreme Personality of Godhead in our heart but we being neophyte, fallen n sinful don’t considers ourselves as fit , qualified or advanced for Their direct bhakti as mercifully suggested by Themselves in the scriptures n thus God Themselves has declared us as Their topmost devotees, so we do Their worship through approaching lotus feet of Lord Nitai n worship Him one pointedly n this is certified as authentic policy n process by Supreme Lord Themselves. We faithfully leave everything to Nitai that He would surely handed us over for our eternal seva to concerned eternal ishtadeva or devi when suitable time would come n arise (Nitai karuna habe Vraje Radha Krishna paabe) as He alone being Supreme Personality of Godhead (AVATARI..SAKSHAT ISHVAR) is sufficient n has delivered somany vanik, adhama n murkh..(vanik adhama murkh Nitai kare paar).Secondly we can not preach ditectly about Gaura Krishna in this fallen world as It is Naamaparadh n one of the ten offenses n Lord also explains us in BG to share His glories among devotees only.

  5. Beautiful explanations about Nitaibhakti. Gauranga is the master of our master (Nitai). Jay Nitai!!!!!! Hare Krishna!

  6. Thank You for explaining what “bhaje chaitanya” actually mean. Jaya Nitai! Jaya Gaura! Hare Krishna!

  7. Dandavat Pranams dear Gurudev.. All glories to Guruparampara, Thank you very much for clearly explaining the inner transcendental meaning of the verse. Certainly this siddhanta is more convincing. Lord Nitai’s Lord is Lord Gauranga , your message to always remember both lords is so fulfilling and appealing.

  8. parameśvara-dāsa — nityānandaika-śaraṇa
    kṛṣṇa-bhakti pāya, tāṅre ye kare smaraṇa
    Parameśvara dāsa, said to be the fifth gopāla of kṛṣṇa-līlā, completely surrendered to the lotus feet of Nityānanda. Anyone who remembers his name, Parameśvara dāsa, will get love of Kṛṣṇa very easily.

    Above verse mentions the similar concept Gurudev, even though Srila Parameswar Das Thakur was fully surrendered to Lord Nitai because he being in sakhya ras, doesn’t mean he does not worship Lord Gauranga.

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