Nitai Gunjan FAQ and Ten Kinds of Nitaibhakti

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⬤ What does Nitaibhakti comprise of?

A. It comprises of these 10 Bhakti practices which can be performed anywhere at anytime:

1. Harinam Japa & Kirtan
2. Nitailila Shravan
3. Nitailila Kirtan
4. Nitainam Gunjan
5. Nitainam Lekhan
6. Nitaibhakti Vitaran
7. Nitaidham Gaman
8. Nitaiparshad Stavan
9. Nitaivigraha Pujan
10. Gaura Radha Krishna Shravan and Kirtan

⬤ Harinam is rasa, Kirtan is prema, Shravan is sphurti, Gunjan is prapti, and Lekhan is shuddhi.

1. Nitainam Gunjan

2. Nitainam Gunjan

Q. How to do Nitainam Gunjan, the 2nd Practice of Nitaibhakti?

A. Slowly resonate “Nitāi” as you exhale with your open mouth. Start with a short “Ni”, long “tā” and, again end with a short “i”, trying to visualise Nitai’s form in the sound of the long reverberating “tā”. Repeat it for as long as you like daily in addition to Harinam. For a more profound effect, you can also do it in unison with its recording of an advanced devotee playing in the background, or listen to its recording while doing other things. It cannot be done mentally as it is specifically for calling out to the Lord.

Q. Why Nitainam Gunjan?

A. Nitainam Gunjan is the long calling out of Nitainam, as a resonating kirtan, for faster ruchi and kripa-siddhi in Harinam. due to the all-forgiving and all-giving nature of Nitai. Especially since the Panchtattva mantra is not allowed for more than a few times being a hymn and not a shastric mantra. (nitai name aparadher vichar to nai he)

Q. Where is Nitainam Gunjan in the shastra?

A. It is the direct implementation of the universal instruction of Srila Narottam das thakur (Champak manjari gopi of Sri Radha and the dearmost associate of Sri Gaura): “‘Nitai’ na bolilo mukhe, majilo sansar sukhe”. You can also read the 30+ shastra proof in the Nitainam Gunjan Proof book at

Q. Is Nitainam Gunjan done on a japa mala?

A. No. It does not need a mala or counter, as it is only Nitainam Kirtan. It is an addition, not as a replacement to our daily Hare Krishna mahamantra japa and kirtan vow of 16-64 rounds.

Q. Does Nitainam Gunjan need diksha, money, or to follow someone?

A. No. Anyone can do this Namkirtan freely, before or after Harinam, as Nitai is the first Ishtadeva of all Gaudiyas, aspiring for any rasa.

⬤ Q. Are musical instruments needed since Nitainam Gunjan is a form of kirtan?

A. No. Only our mouth (bolilo mukhe) is enough, as the resonation itself is music.

⬤ Please tell more about Nitai Gunjan.

Since our heart is the seat of the soul and the Supersoul, it is the center of all Bhakti. Pure devotees see the Lord and themselves in the nitya-lila in their spiritual forms in the region of their hearts. Due to entering our ears and then its powerful reverberation in the heart, Nitai Gunjan envelopes the soul with the sound of Nitainam, which is offenseless even if hummed by the offensive souls. So it cleanses every single one of our anarthas and aparadhas from the root, thus quickly making us ready to chant or sing Shuddha Harinam.

There are no varna-vyavadhan (proper-pronunciation-obstacles), tattva-vyavadhan (philosophical-understanding-obstacles), or ten offenses in Nitainam. So Nitainam Gunjan can be done anytime by anyone.

3. Nitailila Kirtan

Sing verses of Nitailila, the most merciful pastimes in creation, with a harmonium, while hearing the Nitailila Kirtan recording in the voice of a Rasika devotee if possible. Additionally, mridanga, flute, and tanpura will greatly enhance this Nitailila Kirtan if possible. Read proof here.

5. Nitainam Lekhan

Write “निताइ” (Nitainam) mentally or with your index finger in a big size in the air in front of you or on any surface, while minutely visualize the shapes and meanings of each of its 10 writing strokes as you write them one by one, in the sequence shown here with shastra proof.

10. Gaura Radha Krishna Shravan and Kirtan

Listen to or sing along the Names and Pastimes of Lords Gaura Radha Krishna to receive the causeless mercy of Nitai, preferably accompanied by the voice of a Rasika devotee.


।। निताइ ।।
हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण
कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे ।
हरे राम हरे राम
राम राम हरे हरे ।।

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  1. Beautiful wordings. I want to share some personal experience about Nitainam Lekhan right now. While chanting my Harinaam rounds, I was having glance of Nitainam Shila kept in our ashram, felt like amazing. To be frank , I felt as if Nitai was cooking something with blue cloth on his head and laughing. Just after that one devotee, Haresh prabhuji brought prasadam to be offered to Nitai. निताइ lekhan or even seeing its form is transcendental form of Nitai in its purest form. Joy Nitai!!!!! Hare Krishna!!!!

  2. Depression occurs only when the person hasnt experienced the connect with Nitai, the fearsome vacuum enveloping his being. Nitai Gunjan is that attempt of the jeeva to connect with Nitai who is sitting right next to the soul and attempt to realize that he has never been alone. Experience the marjan of your heart, the heart getting free of the stubborn grime, stuck like a parasite since many lifetimes which refused to allow Harinam to flow effortlessly. This is what i realized while Nitai Gunjan.

  3. Today was the first day that I really understood that Nitai Gunjan can have a dramatic effect on one’s Harinam. I had gotten a taste of that very radical difference with Nitainam Lekhan fairly quickly, but I had not yet done Nitai Gunjan enough to taste and see that difference in Harinam. Maybe someday my brick like heart will be able to grasp even a little of Nitai’s inconceivable mercy to us.

  4. I feel I am developing more regularity in chanting Harinam and also in singing kirtan automatically without efforts due to Nitainam Lekhan and Nitai Gunjan. Desires to become happy materially decreases due to experience of wonderful bliss while doing them.

  5. Today I had recorded my Nitai Gunjan for 15 minutes and now listening the recording repeatedly. I am feeling amazing, senses are cleared from all dirty things, gives Harinam ruchi and I am feeling like wandering in Ekachakra. Nitai Gunjan is very helpful for the remembrance of Dham Lila. Sripad Madhavendra-puri tells : 'Nityananda heno bhakta sunile kane, avashya Krishna-chandra paibe se jone' who hears the Name Nitai definitely gets the service of Radha-Krishna. This instruction of Sripad Madhavendra-puri is so important, now I am realizing. All glories to Srila Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj.

  6. This Spiritual path is full of thorns but we are blessed to hear the Spiritual Sound Vibration from Your Divine Grace and Srila Prabhupada. Kindly shower your causeless mercy on the fallen souls of Kali Yuga who are drowning drowning always to the deepest regions of darkness and have no hope of deliverance except the all-merciful Nitai bhakti.

  7. More focus and smaran is increased by Srila Gurudev's sound vibration. I do hearing of Nitai Gunjan track while doing Gunjan. 🙏🙏

  8. Dandavat pranams dear Gurudev. I was listening to a lecture by a devotee some time back. He mentioned something like this in regards to anarthas like lust, greed, anger etc; if we pray to Sri Krishna with extreme surrender; He will change our vision and senses; basically the way we look at things.

    I have the same realization with Nitai Gunjan; the way I look at things has changed amazingly. The mundane things or events which excited or bothered me a lot before have almost lost their importance. I just see things way differently; much more in Nitai consciousness. Amazing process you have given us my dear Gurudev. Aapki Jaya Ho.

  9. Nitai gunjan removes the enjoying mentality – Nitai shows us the world is a big ZERO, and He – Nitai is our only shelter – Nitai is the ONE!

  10. Nitai Gunjan punctures the balloon made by maya to keep the jivas in darkness with great tricks. Nitai Gunjan releases the unwanted pressure of useless plans and thoughts arises continuously in restless mind. Thus ultimately jiva starts targeting effectively on actual goal of life. Surely this most confidential secret develops our faith more stronger and deeper towards Nitai Gunjan. Nitai Gunjan ki mahima aparampar.

  11. After I started doing Nitai gunjan before chanting of Mahamantra, my mind becomes very peaceful and joyful. There is a state of calmness and over and above all these benefits is that in Nitai gunjan itself Doyal Nitai gives His remembrance, and all the wanderings of the mind or thoughts coming up are cleared in the first few minutes of Nitai gunjan and my mind gets a proper mood for chanting Harinam. My japa is now done with more remembrance and determination. Nitai gunjan gives me so much enthusiasm that my determination and a force from inside is maintained throughout the day that helps me to engage myself in kirtans or katha. Nitai gunjan has bestowed alot many new understandings and experiences in devotional service, that for me it’s completely like a new life with ever new surprises and mercy. When I do Nitai gunjan in the morning, I get very good inspirations and ideas for Nitai, Gurudev, bhakts, and Nitainam prachar seva and also the enthusiasm to complete them timely. Krishna advises buddhi yoga before bhakti yoga where an effort is needed to bring mind in control so that it can be engaged in service but because Balaram, Nitai is Gaur Krishna’s elder brother and Supreme Lord Himself; He doesn’t need to follow any instructions so He mercifully makes everything effortless for us because we are taking His name. I end this with a humble request to please read the nitaigunjan proof pdf and practice and share it with others too.

  12. Also it has to be pointed out that the main goal of Nitai gunjan (actually of all endeavors) is Harinam ruchi…so Nitai gunjan treats our loss of taste or appetite for Harinam. But after taking appetizer a meal is also necessary. So eveyrone should have some Harinam daily.

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